Ok so ever since I have became a vegan in February , I have gradually gotten more and more energy. I used to be very fatigued and sluggish and lazy and now all I want to do is exercise, explore and just be pure out productive. So have you guys experienced this and do you know what causes this. Whatever it is....I LOVE IT haha

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Yes it gets better and better.   I am much healthier the older I get.  

Ive heard it has that effect and if we have a healthy diet we tend to age more gracefully and help the planet :)

I have a story I love to tell about this!

Okay, so last year when I was a meat eater, I was going to the gym 2 hours a day. I circuit trained and went pretty much every single day, if not for 2 hours than usually at least for 45 minutes. I did a 5 mile event- and at the end, despite working out every single day for months, I was completely worn out at the end of it. I had zero energy, and was sluggish and just blah in general. This year, I went on a 5 mile hike down and up a mountain- I haven't been to the gym for months because I've moved and didn't keep my membership. While eating meat, doing 5 miles on a flat surface wore me out. As a vegan, doing 5 miles on a rocky (at times steep incline), left me feeling great. The way I think you're SUPPOSED to feel after a workout! I felt so great, instead of tired I was refreshed and wanted to do it again.

Diet is so important in regards to that! I also sleep a lot better too.

Great story Lauren. I am awaiting the energy boost from veganism but it hasn't happened yet.

Has it happened yet for you? Bah I am just reading your reply now, vegfriend doesn't always alert me :(

I have noticed all of this. I feel good while working out and I can work out longer. I also feel genuinely happy all the time to which started when I became a vegan. I also became more of a go getter and a more productive person so I think something as simple as a good diet can give you that spark you need to go far in life lol

Well, when you turn vegetarian/vegan, you go through a little stage. Some get bloated during this stage. Basically(I won't really explain), your body and metabolism is just getting use to the new change. Your body is cleansing itself from the horrible stuff you have put in the food, so you will feel horrible for a little bit like getting over a nasty cold. Your body is cleansing itself from the cold. Your body is finally get the good food it needs. You are what you eat. Fruit, vegetables, etc are energy. 

Yes, I had the same effect since went vegetarian :))) And I know that raw vegans have huge increase of power, and even need much less sleep, like 5-6h a day :)) 

I think it's a good sign, it means your body is spendind less energy to fight unsuitable foods and toxins (ex coming from meat products slow deterioaration in your colon), so you get more energy for everyday life! Fabulous!! :)))

And yes, you really start to want some physical activity!! I was truly amazed, because for all my life I have been the most unsporty person you can only imagine, even in school I was refusing to go to sport classes, always told to doctor I feel so bad today, can't go to sports, lol. Hated sports!!!  But recently I started really to crave some activity, bought a bicycle, and for first time in my life - went to gym, to zumba classes!!! [shock] I never entered a gym in my life, and now I want it, my body is asking for it :))) So happy :)))

Ha i know how you feel, when i became a vegetarian, I got a little more active and when I went vegan I hit the roof with energy and I honestly have the energy of a kid now XD

I know this topic is vegan aimed but as Jackie explained about your body getting used to the change, I have a question, how long does this usually take? I always seem to be tired and was wondering if cutting out dairy products aswell as meat will help me? Thanks!

I can answer for my case; I was vegetarian since 2008, cut out dairy in Oct 2010. I experienced lots of general health improvement after that change.

Yes over 9000 times more energy and the cause is because meat sucks engery out of you (body is fighting agains the poison and shit the meat).


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