I been veggie since 16 and i recently tried vegan butter and i like it but i was unsure  what milk to try  for cereal and tea  i hardly drink tea with milk or eat cereal but want to know any way for when i do feel like tea and cereal  

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I love them all :P  Almond, Coconut, Rice and even soy from time to time. Yummy!!

hemp, rice, almond and coconut milk in that order for me, i stay away from soy because soy is in many things already, hemp milk and crunch berries mmmmmmmmm

I still have yet to try the hemp milk! Coconut is delicious though :)

you have yet to try many things =]


Chocolate almond is my all time favorite, hands down. Others have also given very delicious choices :)

thank you every one :)
Try oat milk! My family went through soy, vanilla soy, rice and almond before settling on oat.
Vanilla soy was delicious but to mush soy is bad for your tummy.

I hadn't heard of oat milk before! Is it sold in a certain store or do you make it yourself?

No problem :)


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