Looks like vegetarians have more options at McDonalds than the french fries. At least in Cananda they do. Its not really enough to make me want to eat there, but it is the sign of the times. The company says it is going that route due to the high demand of veggie options. These people are not necessarily vegetarian either. Some are only curious about veggie foods. I do see a lot of my meat eating friends trying out veggie options. Most of them like it. This link will tell you about it. I think this is a symbol of where we are going, and it looks good.

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I sincerely hope they bring that to the States.

Appreciate the move by McD but still I wouldn't want to eat there.

Sorry but the French Frys at McDonalds are not Veg@n. The potatoes are soaked in meat broth which is what gives them their signature taste. 

yeah I heard that too. I think there was even a lawsuit on that some years back.

I learned that a few years back after I thought I'd become Vegetarian... little did I know ;P

True that!

OK, evidently the point of the discussion flew over everyone's heads. The point was not to congratulate McDonalds or to worry about their french fries. The point was to show evidence of the demand of vegetarian foods. Which means less meat is being consumed. Thought I made that clear. No, they are not vegan either. Can be ordered dairy free though.

Looks like vegetarians have more options at McDonalds than the french fries.

I just wanted to say I do get the point but I wanted to make sure others know the fry's at McDonald's AREN"T Vegetarian or Vegan because I found out the hard way :)

McDonalds has no vegan options. I wish I could eat there, but even their fries are dirty. 

Just wondering, does Burger king/hungry jack's use animal fat for frying? 

No one claimed that the fries were Vegan...Dara, I appreciate this post. It is a good sign and huge step forward for our animal friends. Why must vegans/vegetarians be so argumentative towards one another? We all have something in common; our desire for animals to have more rights. So let's help each other and inform each other without ignorance. This is a good thing.


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