Looks like vegetarians have more options at McDonalds than the french fries. At least in Cananda they do. Its not really enough to make me want to eat there, but it is the sign of the times. The company says it is going that route due to the high demand of veggie options. These people are not necessarily vegetarian either. Some are only curious about veggie foods. I do see a lot of my meat eating friends trying out veggie options. Most of them like it. This link will tell you about it. I think this is a symbol of where we are going, and it looks good.

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I think this is fantastic! A huge step into introducing meat eaters to some great veggie options. The more tasty veggie options are available and consumed the less animals are being slaughtered. I hope the other fast food places follow suit. I know both A&W and Burger King offer Veggie burgers, this is a very good thing whether you'd eat there or not.

They already do Veggie Burgers, and Spicy Bean Burgers. They've done those for as long as I've known them. There's also really nice applies pies available; for vegetarians, probably not vegans, I'm guessing. As well as Fries, and drinks. That's all in England, and I would have thought it would be in America, and elsewhere too. So I'm not sure what the problem is.

If you want to eat at McDonalds maybe you should rethink being vegetarian.

Well, I contacted them basically asking for a veggie burger option in their U.S. restaurants. 

I would think it will be a small triumph if a new vegetarian or a meat-eater will consider getting the McVeggie burger instead of a regular burger. Small steps count.


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