What are your thoughts on feeding cats and dogs a veggie diet? Do you believe it's unnatural or humane?

If you have have turned your cat or dog veggie, what did you experience?

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Nope i believe we shouldnt turn our cats or dogs into vegan because thats not what they naturally are.
Have a look at their canines and out canines. This difference is enough to tell us what we should eat and feed them.

I disagree the key is choice. I have had 5 cats that chose Vegan cat food. I did not force them & when my current cat chose a meat brand cat food i allowed that even though i would rather she only ate the vegan cat food which she does like and eats on a regular basis. Vegancats.com

i also had a Husky who ate Vegan but she also ate meat because my neighbors stole her and took away the Vegan option.

Please have a look in the screenshot brother... Animal with canine doesn't make it carnivore.

I have a dog and cat both...I don't believe in pushing my views  and beliefs onto other species. We know humans can survive on a plant based diet but not all other species can and not have health issues But, while many people have experienced success with their dogs on a vegan diet, many have also run into significant health problems for their cats.Any decision to feed a cat or a dog a meat-free diet must be approached with great caution.

But,for me, I will not..

Domesticated animals dependent on us for everything that is important in their lives. I will not risk a life for the sake of ones views but what is best for my pets, my babies.For me,"just my view".I fine it very inhumane.

Domesticated animals mostly exist for the big $$$.
There is no need to have a cat or dog. Even tho we like to share our love with other beings we also love to make profit out of anything. If one life (like a cat, wolf, lion) needs to kill another life they will only kill as much as they need. But they also don't grow a bigger pack/herd if there is not enough food. It's a process of nature and seems almost automated. There is no more pain and suffering than "needed".

In our society it's different. If there is not enough food, we "produce" more food. We like to have something more tastier? -> we'll create it wothout thinking about consequences.
By this I want to say that a pet can be sold without thinking about if there is enough food. We just create more life and kill them afterwards. There is no "naturally born" or "hunting for needs". Cattle doesn't even have a right to life their life in a natural way. A sensible way is to not buy pets at all. The best way would be to adopt a pet from a shelter. And if a pet from a shelter were able to realize that their pain which they suffered in their life, is also caused by their very own existence, then these pets would try to change for the better. Don't you think?

"I will not risk a life for the sake of ones views"
You don't want to risk the lifes of your loved once. I understand that... but why does one have more value than the other? That's one of the simplistic arguments we vegans tell everybody as long we speak about our own habits and lifestyles. Why does this make appeal to humans but not to pets?
"For me,"just my view""
Then there is your pet with its view and there is cattle (I hate this word. It's disgusting) with their own view.
Everybody has its view. But what is bad and what is worse? Does one really needs to die for a being that only exists because we humans like to "have" things? A cat that doesn't exist does not feel pain but also does not need food which implies less pain for another being.

I don't know if it's possble to feed a cat without cruelty but we live in a age in of rocket science and artificial meat, why shouldn't there be a way to feed a cat without any harm to another sentient being?
But if we would research what a pet needs (like amounts of vitamins and so on) we probably would be able to feed any being on a non-curel basis.
I'm not a native speaker as you probably have noticed. Therefore I want you to know that anythng I wrote was not to be intented to harm or insult you in any way. I just can't expess myself in a better way than this.
I just wanted to participate in this discussion and try to explain my opinion

We aren't suppose to recuse animals from death and let them die? 

Cats are carnivores,which means that they eat mostly meat or the flesh of other animals.Thats almost like saying ,"lets recuse a whale and feed it veggies". Because we want to use our own belief's to unmind the natural order of things.Plus,we can leave an animal unhealthily and can cause it death because of views .And, that is inhumane to deny another species their needs for survival. 

"We aren't suppose to recuse animals from death and let them die?"
Thats not what I meant to say. But by feeding your cat with meat you actually kill the animal that should have been rescued in the first place. The cat would probably not going to die in an instand just because it won't get meat.

"And, that is inhumane to deny another species their needs for survival."
There might be a potential that this very cat will suffer from (lets say) lack of vitamins. But like I said, I doubt there is no way to feed a cat without meat (edit: better said: without cruelty products) and have it stay healthy.

"lets recuse a whale and feed it veggies"
That would imply that a cat or any other pet is a natural being. But like us humans they are not.
They are created at will and for money. They live in houses, with radiators and electricity and eat food that is also not natural. I doubt that a package of pressed cow/chicken meat is something they would eat in the wild, neither is rice, noodles or anthing else something you would find in nature and still people feed it to their pets. I wouldn't never take a animal from the wild in order to change it. but a pet isn't just any wild animal.

I dont actually kill anything .. I am giving it what it needs for survival. But,each to their own view. Our views are not scientific proof of what another species needs to survive.

So you know for a fact that its needed for survival? There is no other way than this?

And still nobody kills their meat on their own. Neither a guy who enjoys his glorious bacon he ate for breakfast nor the owner of a cat who buys simple catfood. But both pay people to produce the very same product.
I'm kinda disapointed that you bring up this weird examples like feeding a whale vegan food and such. Somehow feels like a discussion with a omnivore who is somewhat anti-vegan.

The burden of proof lies on you and not me. Why I used the "whale comment" because I view as  ridiculous to push unhealthy things onto other species. If u want  to put forth proof then I bow to having a different view on it.

By the way, we aren't talking about human beings but other species of animals and you've gotten them mixed up.


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