What are your thoughts on feeding cats and dogs a veggie diet? Do you believe it's unnatural or humane?

If you have have turned your cat or dog veggie, what did you experience?

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We have animals who rely on us for food, but I am not sure whether I can call them pets. I live close to the western ghat forests and I am feeding a lot of birds, reptiles and many small/large animals daily - all of them rescued. On most occasions I just feed them with vegetarian diet. But occasionally I have to buy meat or fish if the animal in causality is an endangered species. For example last month we had a species of wild chicken which we have not seen in Kerala's forests for decades. She was severely injured from a trap and the vet advice meat based diet. We have carnivores like wild cats with us but we never feed them, they just hunt from the surroundings.

I never really believed in having domesticated animals or pets for a very longtime,I had no pets growing up .I didn't believe in feeding into a system that breeds animals for amusement and why I choose to rescue. Beating anyone down for picking up after the stupidity of others make no sense to me. Once we rescue a pet no matter we like or not, we take on the responsibility of them, and their diets again wither we like it or not.

I am not talking about human beings we have a choice in this..All the evidence that a plant based diet is the next human evolution on this planet.But,pushing plant base diets onto other species can be very unhealthy for that animal. kitties can’t digest plant-based foods efficiently, nor do plant-based foods provide the nutrients felines require. A lot people dont know carbs can also kill cats.

We need predators as carnivores( The "animal" kingdom) for a balanced sustainable system on this planet, they keep over-population under control.It's one of the basic vegan arguments that " animals" can sustainable themselves and keep themselves under control... To deny that is denying the truth.

A friend of mine made this comment and I happen to agree ("Narcissistic humans creating the world in their image...The same thinking which tears down rainforest to make room for gmo soybeans. 'i dont care how nature works, i want i want i want!'

Humankind are massively confused... The natural carnivores are
[as created for their purpose] built completely different from us herbivores. A herbivore (human] may be able to eat meat to get by for a period, but this brings disease over time... Vica-verse.We need coexist with the force of nature.. If a battle must be sought, with corrupt man rests the constructive fight.")

I happen to agree .Not that I dont think what is being done is not wrong.But,we are picking between the lessor of two evils so to speak and trying to save animals from the harshness& stupidity of humanity.

As another friend of mine very masterly put it. "The truth is that we are their care takers and they have a right to eat. If you see a fly in a spider web do you rescue the fly? Then you are harming the spider. We all do our best but we can not push our ethics on another being that is designed to hunt kill and eat meat".

Of course,others see it differently.I believe humans are herbivores.But,i will not force a diet on a species that is meant to be  a carnivore and meat is needed to be healthy. Do I like it?No.But,one must do what they must picking up after humanity.

There's a dog in my neighborhood, the dog's meal is totally lacto-vegetarian. The dog is healthy as any other dog could be. If you think non-veg food maintains your pet's health, I think you're going wrong. You'll just need to take care of their diet.

In my opinion, a pet should not be a vegan. I believe, veganism should be just for human. It seems hard to maintain proper health and provide proper nutrition to a pet by vegan food.

I got a video and I'm amazed seeing it. Can a carnivore have a kind heart? Check this out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugi4x8kZJzk


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