What Country Would You Love To Visit One Day ? :)

I love To Visit All European Countries .

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I would like to Visit the West African Countries.  Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon.  Never been on that side of globe before.


Sri Lanka or Madagascar


Bhutan, Sweden and Italy are top of my list.

sweden and italy are in my list too 

I want to go to Cuba! then fiji, bahamas Egypt and maybe Japan. 

Cuba is a good one! I'd have to sail though as I refuse to fly.

why no fly? 

I used to hate flying . 

I've never actually flown before so I've no idea if I like it or not. I've decided not to fly because of the carbon cost.

I see!!! It's definitely a good reason! I would avoid it if I could, but being my family and friends are halfway across the globe I don't think it's very likely for me to stop flying... as much as I hate it :) 

Ahah, yeah, understandable given the circumstances :)


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