“So, you are a vegetarian/vegan? What do you do?"

People always think that being vegetarian is weird. But actually I just live normally, like every other persons do in life.

I am proud to be a vegetarian/vegan!

Viva Vegetarian/Vegan!!!! ♥

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I live a normal live. and better shape than ever the last 3yrs since I decided to go vegan. I

Called my mother cross country tonight. She - every year - says it's so sad that I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. (I have four dinners.... maybe more  - scratching head and looking at calendar - this week.) She always says this. And I say, "Mom, why do you think I am not having Thanksgiving?"

"Well, what do you do without a turkey?" 

"Why do you think Thanksgiving means a turkey only. Shoot. It's more about fish than turkeys, since the natives taught those uptight white guys how to fertilize a corn row."

Home is small town Midwest, with corn for two hundred miles every direction. It's funnier than it sounds. She chuckles. 

<Maybe I'll go play with the turkey I won't be eating and its progeny.>

"Did you know that the turkeys are very small this year? No one is saying why, but it is on news programs that they are. Maybe it was that corn crop failure from the summer before last catching up." Or maybe it's from farmers - agri-biz - figuring that they could grow smaler birds and charge more per pound because of another false scarcity. Except it's not so false.

"You know, Mom, it finally happened. Al Gore went vegan last week."

"Were was he?"

"What..? Where was he? I said he went vegan last week.."

"Yes, where was he?"

"Well, I don't think that really matters. We can see everything as it happens now. It's social media. It's like a million channels of 24/7 news. No matter where you go, there you are. Al seemed to have decided that animal farming was too detrimental to the environment finally."

"Don't you have a TV?"

Happy Thanksgiving to the turkey that I won't eat. I hope you're alive.

You and your mom ought to have your own reality TV show. Or maybe a sitcom, with Al Gore as himself trying to slim down and turkeys, lotsa turkeys (not on the table but on their feet). 

I became a Vegetarian 4 month ago, on my way to Vegan. I eat no
meat at all,or Meat products, but still eat cheese. I am working
on that. I live in a house so 9 meat eaters and still have to cook
Meat once In a while, but it got less and less, because I refuse.
I still have lots to learn but I feel good and I feel proud that I
Stand for the life of animals now. I work very hard against abuse
Here in the states and world wide and also against the
Dog Meat Trade oversees.

 I personally dont like vegetables, like at all. I HATE EM. I dont eat em. Lets not kid ourselves, Veggies taste like garbage and even more so when compared to other foods. I think the only thing that comes out of the ground I can eat is the MAN stuff like Corn and Taters. Sometimes the rest of the stuff is..ok but its gotta be in something that hides the taste, like a soup. I personally eat the same stuff the sharpteeth eat only I leave out the meat or meat product. Order a pizza, just cheese, eat Hamburger Helper, minus the burger, burritos (Bean and cheese... sometimes some rice) Taco Places and Chinese are your friends!!!! Chinese, I'm hitting that fried rice and soy or any other meatless dish they offer. And theres always your Boca/Morningstar.  Nothing annoys me more then going over to someones house be it for dinner, dinner party, holiday, WHATEVER and being offered a salad. I fucking HATE salad. Same thing goes when people go on a Subway run and bring me back a salad....on bread. When in my life have ANY of u seen me eat a salad?

Dear Jason Nottingham,

To you the vegies test like garbage so you are saying that blood, pus, and  all the 1000 chemicals  is in your so call nice food, test great. Educated yourself, there is more food preps  in a vegetarian diet than the meat preps. Look like you must be eating in the fast food restaurants, which is garbage food, 50 % of the meat that you eat doesn't digest. I just saw in article in Time magazine which  show an article about eating read meat. The best restaurant for meat eaters is Heart Attack and  more than 4 people already die.  Time magazine link 


Good look 

Pig out with your friends at home, check out Vegan Antirestaurant (www.facebook.com/VAntirestaurant and www.meetup.com/VAntirestaurant). Host dinner parties, cook with friends and community members, and feast at home for cheap!

I watch and listen to others complaining about the high cost of meat.  If only they knew how cruel it is.

I'm from Croatia. Here nobody care what you eat. I' m vegan. Everybody at my work know that and nobody never critisize me for it.

True. :)

I'm vegan, living with my vegetarian girlfriend. She will be vegan one day I think. Trying to tolerate the habits of my meat eating family and friends. It's hard - why will they not listen? Some make it a choice between, for example, the children of syria - well knowing that they can't change the fate of the syrian children by themselves. But they can change the lives of many animals - by just eating different three times a day - but they refuse. 

SO frustrating!

Vegetarianism is another one of those things that defines something that a person does not do. They don't eat meat, but they can do anything else such as play music, read, write, or if they want to they can hug a tree like the woman in that picture you posted.


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