I am confused sometimes with vegans here. Some of them are very "tolerant" and others are "intolerant" and I meant negative tolerance to animal abuse and speciesism. Let's talk about our activism and our inner tolerance/ intolerance, if interested. 

I am so intolerant to animal abuse and very keen to be a part of animal activism. What about you? Actually why don't you? 

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I think I'm a passive activist. I'm aware that's an oxymoron but I know exactly what I stand for.
Well, inadequacy haunts me and sometimes I do ask myself why I'm holding back. Animal activism far exceeds my resolve to alter the next person's diet and lifestyle simply because it didn't take the opinion of another person for me to turn veg. But if you were in my my inner circle, we'd be a force to reckon with. You do realize we're kindred, don't you, Poonam?
That's exactly why we're in this community, however quietly some us may go around in defense of other creatures.

absolutely agree and don't understand other vegans who don't think so

I'm an activist, although more active some times and less others. It's very hard to stay active all of the time alongside all other parts of my life.
I think it's impossible to be able to fight all animal abuse myself, and so I mostly focus on specific causes and devote as much attention to those as possible. I do still help with other things, and sign petitions, etc, but personally I feel I need to devote more attention to a handful of causes rather than try to fight absolutely everything myself.

I'm not a vegan, I'm a vegetarian.

I think you can't be an activist if you are vegetarian.. so many bad things with milk are happening so I can't imagine it could be genuine for you to fight that.. anyway it is  great you are on your way and keep up the good work with petitions 

Well, I can be an activist. I am, and I put a lot of effort into helping causes that I care about and helping to educate others.
Of course I'm genuine, I care very deeply about the causes that I contribute to.

sorry for me it is not genuine.. I was vegetarian too six/seven months ago.. but I never was an activist.. just now I feel I can do it genuinely.. and why are you vegetarian anyway? do you know properly what is happening with cows and chickens? or do you always read about cheeses if it contain a rennet? In my opinion it is so much harder to be vegetarian.. now i exactly know what I am eating.. 

but i don't want to be offensive .. i would support you.. just think you are not an activist for me who I would trust to..

To be honest you're just being judgemental. How can you say if I'm genuine or not?
If you have only been a vegan for 6 months, I'd have thought that you understand being a vegetarian. You didn't only start caring about animals when you made the decision to become a vegan, in fact it's more likely that that decision came to pass because you already had a love for animals.

So please, don't tell me I'm not genuine and can't be trusted. You have no right to judge my decisions and decide that you know my feelings and intentions when we have never met.
I've never said that I eat eggs or drink milk,so do not make assumptions about me. I've only been a vegetarian for 6 months. I am a beginner, but that doesn't mean I care any less, and that doesn't make the work I do to save animals any less worthy of acceptance.

I am absolutely your fan..  I so hope you will be continuing with vegetarianism and veganism and will be happy.. it is not judgement.. I told you my opinion.. I was at disruption of speciesism and nobody from there wouldn't want you there if you are not vegan.. disruptions and activism is about fighting speciesism.. it is the reason I didn't understand your activism.. it really is not genuine to do this and be just vegetarian, although some people do so.. please don't attack me with "judgement" and try to understand my opinion instead .. I am really glad you love animals and want them to be happy.. just don't understand why you consider yourself as activist.. that is all

Because I engage in activist activities, and fight to save them.
I don't need your approval to make my actions count, they do so by themselves. So I think it's best to call this conversation finished.
I don't discount any work that you are doing, in fact, I think you deserve praise. Certainly you would have better ground to stand on if you were vegan. There is so much torture in the dairy industry, some say even more, it's constant, since it doesn't end for them (death). I'm sure you will find your way, keep up the good work!! I thank you for that:). Vegetarian 21 yrs, vegan 15yrs


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