I am confused sometimes with vegans here. Some of them are very "tolerant" and others are "intolerant" and I meant negative tolerance to animal abuse and speciesism. Let's talk about our activism and our inner tolerance/ intolerance, if interested. 

I am so intolerant to animal abuse and very keen to be a part of animal activism. What about you? Actually why don't you? 

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I didn't say I use dairy :) I know of all of tthe bad things that happen.
I've only been vegetarian for 6 months, it's a journey. Perhaps I'll become vegan one day.

I don't have a lot of free time for activism, but I have participated in protests at Barnum & Bailey Circus in Jacksonville, and a few other things like that. I am a PETA supporter and support all the things they do in the way of activism against circuses, fur, etc.

I think it has to do to the reason why you're vegan or why you're wanting to be vegan. Some people could only be vegan for health. Others could be ethical or environmental. Some could be vegan for health, ethical, and environmental. I do remember that Bite Sized Vegan said that you could be vegan and not give a care about animal abuse (or something like that). I for one, am not vegan or veg for that matter. But I am wanting to be vegetarian when I'm grown up since I can't be one right now. I would be veg for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. But I would not be you're regular vegetarian since I would not drink cow milk, maybe not eat honey, not wear anything that came from an animal, and some other things. The reason why I don't do some of these things that a regular vegetarian would do is because I agree with vegans on some stuff. I also think that it's not very "vegetarian" to wear fur, skins, and anything else that had to be forcefully taken from an animal just for fashion. I would like to talk more about my views but this is not the question to talk about that. This is the question as to why vegans may be tolerant to animals and others aren't. My answer is the reason(s) why that person is vegan or beyond. Some could be vegan because they're a plant lover. There's all different reasons why people are veg or beyond. It's endless views and reasons. It's very interesting to ask someone why they're veg, even if they're not the same as other vegs. But remember, if someone's vegan for whatever they're reason(s) are/is then you should at least respect them (unless it's for a bad cause).

I don't think it's possible to say that someone is vegan strictly for "health" reasons because vegan is a lifestyle that encompasses much more than just what is on your plate and those things other than food do not directly affect one's health. I do, however, think it's possible to eat a PLANT BASED diet for health reasons. 

Vegetarian implies that you consume or support the consumption of dairy/eggs but do not eat meat. If you do not eat dairy, eggs or meat, you can consider yourself following a plant-based diet. 

I fully support non-violent animal activism. I do NOT agree with activists who wish harm on those with opposing views. Veganism is about COMPASSION, PEACE, LOVE and EQUALITY. Sometimes passionate people show frustration through inadvertently wishing harm on others by saying things such as "I hope they die the same way!" "They deserve the same fate as the animal they killed!" etc. etc. I wish no harm on ANYONE which is one of the reasons I am vegan. Karma will present itself when it needs. There is too much negative energy in the world so don't add to it by wishing bad things on others. <3 XoX

In my opinion, vegans are animal lovers. Personally I am against animal right violation. Initially, I was so intolerant to animal abuse. Later, people started considering me crazy, so now I am keeping those intolerance inside.

I think activism is useful and good. Changes in laws for better treatment of animals would not be made if there were not people willing to do this. However, activism should not mean one places themselves on a pedestal above the people one is trying to reach or even those "on your side" who might volunteer to help in your cause. Having fruitful discussion with others can serve to change hearts and  they can pass it on to others. There is a point I feel where some people actually are worshiping themselves as morally superior to others and projecting to others "I am better and more enlightened to you" or alternately "Look at me look how good I am and you are so bad because you not like me".  That creates contempt and resentment in others. Change can happen faster when you are accessible. Being on a pedestal prevents that and creates alienation.


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