I feel very uneasy this this word mix up ? HOw do you fell ?

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I personally don't think one can be semi-vegetarian, you are either all in or not!

Thus the term flexitarian. I think any attempt to lessen the horrific impact on the animal world is a good thing. I am a vegetarian myself, having come to this late in life. I would like to strive to become vegan, but have far to go.

I agree, either you eat meat or you don't.  I am a vegetarian and won't touch meat or broth or anything YUCK

Is a vegetarian a "semi-vegan" :P just kidding :) if there are any semi-vegetarians on this site I automatically assume they started questioning meat consumption and are looking for information. In my opinion it is not wrong to call yourself semi-veg here since it is most likely a time limited state ;)


I agree your either a vegetarian or not . A better word to use is transitioning vegetarian but I think it's great if your trying to lower your meat consumption. Good luck try your best and ask for advice if you need it
Geez even meat eaters would would then be semi vegetarian as most eat veggies at least part of the time. No, I wouldn't want the word vegetarian associated with ANY of the meat eating members of the population. puhfucnleeez!
Well than I'm a semi-vegan. I don't think it's bad. You are just taking small steps to become 'the real deal'. And for some ppl it 's just not that easy to change from one day to another. I don't know about your country, but here you don't have so much options being vegan, so it's difficult to let everything go at the sime time and very priceless aswell. I support every semi-vegetarian/vegan. The fact that they are 'semi' tells me they thought about morals and are probably in a primary state of veganism/being vegetarian. Even if they stay 'semi', they are doing a lot more than an avarage meat-eater. Every piece of meat makes a difference.

I totally agree with your post.  I haven't eaten meat or poultry for 25 years, but only recently gave up fish.  Next move will be milk.  I live in Turkey and just come and have a look at the restaurant menus.  I usually have a choice of about 3 things, but pages of stuff for those who consume animals.

Yes.I had an issue switching direct and had some health issues. i had health issues as getting substitutes wasn't easy. its not easy to switch to be a vegetarian in some countries as most foods are not readily available. l however stood firm even aside the criticm from friends and family members.


I tend to not really care about the label.  If someone calls themselves a semi-veg, it doesn't have an affect on me.  I'm with Mierketje - every step counts.  People who call themselves semi-veg are taking steps in the right direction, and that's nothing to scoff at or put down.  

My suggestion to you and everyone else is to stop getting hung up on the label.  Labels are just tools we use to understand and categorize the world.  They don't even really accurate describe our experiences, and they certainly aren't the world themselves.  Plus what's with all this black or white stuff?  Since when is the world so rigidly dichotomous?  


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