I feel very uneasy this this word mix up ? HOw do you fell ?

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Doesn't make sense to me..it's really either all or nothing but I guess I do appreciate those who take part in the new Meatless Mondays trend.

I agree that you're either vegetarian or you're not. However being "semi-vegetarian" is better than being a complete omnivore. At least it's cutting some meat consumption.

Most of us had to go through the stage of semi-vegetarian due to the challenges we had to face for being raised and taught as omnivores.

Semi-vegetarians have arrived at the doorway for the higher stage of human evolution, which is a great dignity that every human has to achieve for him/herself, sooner or later.

By his/her growing awareness on the horrible cruelty that suffered by other lives as sacrifices for human selfishness, he/she should strive diligently to leave the unrighteousness.

Even those who practice semi-vegetarians for self-oriented purposes such as beauty and healing, isn't it our responsibility to fight for our own well-being against the harsh and dire surroundings that created by our own cruelty and selfishness? Isn't it time to workout a joyful and guiltless lifestyle for ourselves and our children?

Isn't it time to expand our compassion and conscience hopefully to turn the harsh world around so that we ourselves and our children will be treated with compassion and conscience?

Semi literally translates to "half", so I'm guessing a "semi-vegetarian" is someone who eats vegetarian food about 50% of the time whilst eating non-vegetarian food about 50% of the time...there is little to no difference between that and an omnivore although I am certain even a non-vegetarians diet doesn't include that much non-vegetarian food.

The term "semi-vegetarian" is likely relating to those who cut almost all non-vegetarian foods out of their diet. Perhaps more suitable terms would be quasi-vegetarian, pseudo-vegetarian, or simply an individual that reduces their meat consumption. Can one be called semi-carnivore because they eat meat more often than vegetation or is that still an omnivore?

I had a friend tell me his gf was a vegetarian but ate meat if any vegetarian option wasn't avalible....thats like saying someone is a semi smoker....just because your non lighting up at the time doesn't mean you don't smoke....you eat meet, your not in the cool veggie club. 

It's a good starting point. I think a lot of people don't think they can do vegetarian. I hope that as they realize how easy it is, and how great they feel, both in body and heart, the "flex" or "semi" will fall away. I don't think we should be critical of people who fall slowly into vegetarianism. They're still falling. Be supportive!

Right. After 65 years of oblivion to the state of where my food came from, it took me 3 tries to actually convert. If those people are ridiculed (for lack of a better word) it will defeat the purpose of welcoming them to vegetarianism/veganism.


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