Some say being a Vegan is healthier because dairy causes cancer. Doctors say it's unhealthy and that you need dairy. What do you think?

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First you must define the difference.  In the world I grew up in, a Vegetarian eats no meat, dairy, eggs or cheese.  A Lacto-Vegetarian intakes dairy, an Ova-vegetarian eats eggs and a Lacto-ova Veggie intakes both.

There for a Vegan is one who not only has the diet intake, but lives the lifestlye.  They do not use ANY product that was tested or used with animals, from cleaning to hair to clothing.  That is a Vegan to me.

So, which is healthier?  What ever is best for you

Interesting question. Growing up we were always told that dairy is good for you when in actuality it is healthy for calves alone. However, honey and eggs may be healthy. I don't think one or the other is necessarily automatically healthier from being vegan or vegetarian alone. It depends on the quantities and qualities of the food you eat. It isn't healthy to eat cheese pizza often but it isn't healthy to eat soy or nut cheeze pizza often either. I think as long as you are getting a lot of plant-based, whole foods (and try to avoid processed, excess salt and sugar, etc) you'll be fine as vegetarian or vegan. It also depends on what your protein needs are, fat, etc...gotta use what you consume :)

Actually I think the paleo diet is the healthiest. Yeah, they do eat meat but it is rare and it has to be 100% grass fed. Main reason I think it is the healthiest is because processed foods are banned. Because I still follow the paleo diet and try to be a vegetarian on top, it is really hard to find food I can eat. Most veggie products I see are highly processed, high in sugar, and look nothing like the ingredients that are in the product. I do allow myself organic tofu, though that is processed too. Mostly all I eat are fruit, nut, and veggies. Still eat eggs but cutting out dairy as that is highly processed. aand no grains. Working on cutting out seeds.
Sorry, I didnt mean to say try to be a vegetarian on top of it. The vegetarian art is actually easy. The paleo, almost impossible.

If you are including ovo-lacto in vegetarian (or else there wouldn't be any difference in food for vegetarian and vegan), then vegetarian is healthier without suplement - not that vegan can't be healthy but there will be the need for B12 suplementation.

Neither is healthier than the other.

Most people overconsume animal products. More than a small portion of meat a day and you're overeating meat. More than a small portion of dairy or eggs a day and you're overeating them. America's big on advertising the unhealthy things; this applies to animal products as well. However, eat in moderation and you can eat quite healthily.

It's possible to be vegan and unhealthy or undernourished.

Do your research for whichever you want to be; getting enough nutrients without consuming a large amount of animal products is best, with "no animal products" also being healthy.

Put research into these things though. Dairy is linked to cancer and allergies, but so is carrageenan, a product in a crapton of foods, especially vegan ones. Both are linked to allergies, too. Some large organizations will deny one or the other, but feed me carrageenan and watch me break out in hives... They just haven't bothered to do much research on carrageenan. I'm sure there's other things as well.

in my view lacto vegetarian and raw vegan is good for health.

it's no contest. vegans are way healthier. if you look at the stats, it's a no brainer. esp if one eats whole grains and little processed foods.


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