For me, it would have to be white sugar and gelatin. I heard about gelatin years ago and that it was made of horses hooves. I love horses. I don't eat gelatin.  A few years ago I found out that the typical white sugar we buy has charred animal bones in it. Yuck. I still use it when I have nothing else. 

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Starbucks white mocha and pumpkin spice uses dairy. Their strawberry juice had some kind of natural flavor that came from dead bees.

Dead bees? Really? Oh yuck.

Yes, a lot of unnamed "natural flavors" that companies use come from some gland in a beavers anus as well it turns out.

Go Veggie cheese! I think they do offer a vegan version but in my store it is right next to all vegan food. Good thing I read my labels.

I love that cheese! I got the tofutti kind the other day because it was on sale... omg- EWW. It taste so nasty. 

Instead of buying white sugar, there are alternatives in the store. Florida Crystals, Raw Sugar, and we get one in this green bag that is only $2.35 for about 4lbs. 

Yeah, gelatin is a sneaky one...
Palm oil is technically not vegan, since many orangutans are murdered just to obtain it. It's in EVERYTHING now!
I know it's not food, but I just recently learned that keratin (an ingredient in many shampoos) is made from animal parts. It's really sad that so many of us had no idea for the longest time what we were purchasing, using and ingesting. Kind of scary, actually.
Also, I was slightly upset that most of the frozen vegetables and frozen rices I used to buy to have some kind of butter sauce or something on it. Yuck.
This is why I ALWAYS double check labels now :)

Altoid mints and vitamins.

Altoids? OMG!

It has gelatin in it. It never occurred to me until I saw it on a list of "foods that you thought were vegan but aren't". I used to practically live on them. :(

The ever so sneaky vitamin D3

VERY sneaky.


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