What is the stupidest joke they've ever done because you're a vegetarian?

I just want to know =)

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Fuck if I can remember all of the stupid shit I've received about being a vegan. The dumbest thing I've heard, in relation to myself is "You must be a weak, malnourished, stickling vegan!"

Fuck those guys. I jog 12 miles a week and lift weights. My abs are pretty fucking rock hard from all the work I do and I can stand harsh weather unlike my out-of-shape, food-guzzling omnivorous friends.

So tell me, who's the weakling NOW? (Rhetorical question aimed at no one by the way.)

Congratulations sweet. Yeah,its absurd what people say about us... They call me a cow,goat,oh you eat grass . And so many things... I dont care people calling me this,but in my country cow is like a bitch and who doens't know that i'm vegetarian will think bad things about me :( . People say , if you love animals why you eat they food ? It makes me really nervous!! Stupid people are fucking bad hahaha :@ Thank you for answer my question lovely xxxx

One day a person told I was too strong for a vegan. I did push-ups with one hand, and asked the person to do the same. The person didn't. Then I told: you are too weak for a carnivore. :P


The force is strong with this one.

@Rose fiery this one is

I had someone tell me my cause was like a gnat on an elephant. Not really a joke, but very uneducated and insulting. He was such an ass about my veganism.

These people dont deserve our respect !!

then you couldve said "your faces is the elephants butt" what now punk ;p

Thats really trueeeeeeee. What do you eat ??? Just beens ?? omdg ,we have so many options,they are stupid ^^

Grass is pretty tasty...

LOL, I've heard someone say, "Enjoy your carrots" and I'm like... um okay sure, carrots are delicious crazy person. Enjoy your cow hooves and genitals, since it all gets ground up anyways. And your Thanksgiving ass-bread, aka stuffing. I'll stick to my icky carrots? LOL


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