What is the stupidest joke they've ever done because you're a vegetarian?

I just want to know =)

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I got one from my dad, he said his coworker fainted at work from her new diet, and he joked he was wondering when I was going to faint from my "strange new diet". He always asks me when he sees me, "So how are you feeling? Are you getting all your nutrients?" I've lived with the man, he eats cereal and then a steak for dinner, I think he needs to take a look at his own nutrients -,-

Hahahahha , i think he really should too . Good lucky baby ^^

when i was pregnant with my third child the doctor kept trying to tell me how being Vegetarian causes women to have low birth weight babies. Well, good news,  doc! my son weighed in at a healthy 8.5 lbs!!!!! needless to say with my next pregnancy, another 8 pounder, I found myself a more supportive doctor

You were fucking right . There are a lot of bad doctors , our new generation is the worst :( i just cant think in 30 years how the things will be :(

Ha!  See, when I told my doctor when I was pregnant for the first time that I was vegetarian his response was:

"During the holocaust, they starved pregnant women to see what would happen to the babies.  The babies came out underweight but healthy."

o.O  Both my children were very close. 7lbs9oz and 7lbs10oz  ^.^ and other than my daughters acid reflux which she seems to be over, completely healthy!

What does that have to do with the Holocaust?

Classic question ...

I posted this picture on my facebook and the first comment i got was : "Researchers have shown that gorillas eat meat to".

lol....Cats also eat a bit of grass from time to time, I guess that makes them herbivores.


I've heard that's because when they eat something that upsets their stomach they need to eat that to throw up.

I just love this picture!!! Makes me giggle, EVERYTIME!!


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