What is the stupidest joke they've ever done because you're a vegetarian?

I just want to know =)

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In all the family or friends reunion when they don't have anything i can eat they used to joke telling me there was grass outside.... or when i was walking with some annoying people they use to tell me: "hey look at that tree you should grab a bite". or throw leafs at me :/.... People sometimes are just too ignorant but it is not their fault they are uneducated and differences represent a treat, deep inside they wish they were human like you.

x-mas or thanksgiving or easter or whatever. At the generic family gathering several years ago, I was about to get a glass of water from the water cooler, and the guy married to my niece, who just discovered I was veg, yelled out, so the entire room full of family members could hear, "watch out, there's meat in that water!"


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