I love almond milk.

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>Cashew milk is the creamiest. In my opinion, do not do soy milk, it is mostly made from GMO. Peanut milk and almond milk are good too. I also really like rice milk.
The best alternative milk is the one you make yourself.

I love soy milk. They are tasty and creamy. The others are way too costly for me.

I don't like almondmilk on its own, but it's the only one I can find that I'm not allergic to. It makes coffee and smoothies/milkshakes pretty creamy! I also don't like ricemilk. Soymilk I really, really miss; I enjoy soy coffee creamers sometimes. What I would love is to try coconut milk again because I love coconut.

have you been able to try flaxmilk? it's really good because it has the consistency of regular skim milk and has a light taste that's not overwhelming 

Literally the only non-dairy milk in the area that I can drink is Silk Almondmilk. I've never tried flaxmilk.

I have not yet had soya milk, how does it taste?

Oat or almond milk,I also like hemp milk.

*can't wait till hemp is legal*  They are going to grow so much hemp!

it's very creamy and has a rich consistency, it's great for baking and for in coffee/tea :) it's also a little sweet but you can get the unsweetend kind 

Rice dream vanilla flavour ;) yummers!

chocolate almond milk and sometimes chocolate soy milk. the best tasting brand I've come across is fresh and easy brand here in San Diego, California


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