I have always love basketball, though I am not good at playing basketball.

I love football too.

So what's your favourite sports?

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Yeah Obviously my michael Schumacher :p

Haha, My cousins in Kenya do the rally's also, Awesome fun! :)

Ahaan nice ;)

You know i laughed at my friends when they play badminton i oftentimes laugh at by saying naah i won;t play any Feminist Game seems so easy . But when i try this game you won't believe playing badminton half an hour is like playing soccer for one hour :p

It's really tough yaar. My uncle and his son are really good as well. That's why I always get battered at it! :(

lol koi gal ni . .  ohna nu aish karan de .. aapa tan enve hi khush hai :D

suchee gall, very true bro :)

Running and mountain biking because I can do it alone or with the Mrs. and enjoy nature.  Running and mountain biking are like a time to meditate and be alone in my thoughts.  However, I enjoy ptetty much every sport including Hockey and yes I am Canadian.

How Canadian of you, haha. ;)

You know it!!!  Go Leafs Go!!!  ha ha.


Running, beach and indoor volleyball and futbol

Beach volleyball! Sand and sports always a win.


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