I have always love basketball, though I am not good at playing basketball.

I love football too.

So what's your favourite sports?

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big fan of WWE (if that counts for sports :) )

Wrestling can count, haha. They still have to do some pretty crazy stuff, just more theater in it. Fun fact, I used to be a matt maid (a person who counts the points made in wrestling) in high school.

Lol, yeah that's why its called "pro" wrestling!

I think the wrestling in high school is real wrestling.

:)!! It's pretty interesting. I tried to wrestle a friend just for fun, it's not a whole lot of fun to get pinned down haha!

haha, I've never actually wrestled. Just watch :)

May be I did when I was a kid despite the warning on TV:  "Don't try this at Home"

LOL I'm glad you pay heed to those warnings! They are very important!

Oh no way, haha. Ugh, actually there was a female wrestler at one of the events and the douchey guy on our team was laughing with his friends how he got to touch her boob. Even if I had wanted a sweaty high school boy on top of me it wouldn't have been a sport I got any respect for or enjoyed in the end. Though if you wanna do it recreationally I'm not opposed ;)

Its not a sport but I LOVE YOGA

oh I like swimming as well but I think that yoga is more interesting for me..

Yoga is pretty much a sport to me
I've been doing karate for almost 2 years. I'm a red belt currently. Really I've trained My entire life but I've been actually training in a dojo for almost 2 years but I love it I plan to open up my own dojo one day. I also do gymnastics but that it's ties into karate really you have to be flexible and it also help to be able to do flips and what not. I also think it'd be really cool to be in a martial arts movie

Love watching basketball. Haven't played in a long time. I do more cross training now. :-) 


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