What items are must-haves in your kitchen that help you stay on track as a vegan/vegetarian?

I absolutely love my SoyaPower milk maker, Excalibur dehydrateo, and my Fresh Life automatic sprouter. These items are totally worth investing in. The wooden tofu maker box is also wonderful. Oh,  and my Blendtec blender! It took years for me to get these items, but sometimes craigslist has some available for cheap. My sprouter was $20!

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(Sorry for the "dehydrator" typo).  

As far as non-appliances are concerned, I have soybeans, Tofu Curls, and wheat gluten (for Seitan) always available!

Avocados, dairy-free bread, dairy-free waffle mix, almond milk, vegetable broth and edamame :)
Ohh, and vegan chocolate!

Wish you were my roommate! I love all those things!

For me it is my vegan sour cream and kale. I love to dip my kale chips in it. My slow cooker for red lentil curry my fave. Tons of fruit and nuts to snack on and vegan chocolate.

I don't need to stay on track I don't like meat. End of.

blendtec and water :D

Water purifier. Herb teas. Spices (Himalayan salt, curcuma, chili, veg mix) ginger root or powder, maca root powder, pH Miracle Greens powder, stevia, carob, almonds, hemp protein, olives, vegetable chips, oils. And natural vinegar for all types of cleaning. :)

My vitamix. I have tmj and chewing less is awesome! Lol

Frozen vegetables, tea, nuts.

I just use my realization on meat and animal cruelty to help me stay on track as a vegetarian. With that being said, I must have nuts, ginger, garlic, baked beans, frozen mixed vegetables and of course, the ultimate Southeast Asian diet staple-RICE!

I love my blender! I could not do without it. I like smoothies for breakfast and soups as a quick lunch. 

As far as non-appliances are concerned, I always have muesli and soy milk or yogurt, frozen mango, pineapple and berries, frozen peas and spinach, onions, canned tomatoes, wholegrain pasta and rice, almonds, dried fruit and seeds, and of course, a great variety of herbs and spices.


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