*It's more than likely that this question has been asked on here before but I am new to the site and curious. :)

I personally have loved animals all my life but grew up in a home of meat-eaters. I always wished I could be vegetarian but never had the guts to do it for various reasons. I remember, though, in high school I did a study on KFC chicken and saw videos of what they did to their chickens and I cried for hours. I never ate KFC chicken again but continued eating other meats.

Last December, I watched Vegucated with no intention of giving up meat, but when I watched it and saw the horrific truth of all factory farms I was horrified, and again, cried for hours. It was then I decided never to eat meat again and I haven't.

Only recently (April 10th) I heard about The China Study and watched a documentary that covered it and when I found out the immense benefits of being a vegan (plus I had always planned to become a vegan eventually) I decided it was time to switch. So I did.

So, how about you guys? What's your story?


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Never had a chance to give in :)

Hi Gemma,

I discovered at the age of 5 that meat came from animals and was instantly put off. When I was 7ish I found out that you don't necessarily have to eat meat and persistently asked my mother if I could become a vegetarian and finally when I moved to my dads he let me just before I became 12. I've been a vegetarian for 3 years (nearly 4 now) and I'm a lot happier knowing that I no longer  eat meat. As soon as I turn 16 I will have to pay for my own food which will finally gives me the opportunity to become VEGAN! :D Can't wait c:

Wow that's an awesome story. It's amazing how you made such a big decision at a young age like that. Props to you girl!!:)

The thing that made me give up meat was the same thing that made me give up dairy and honey and gelatin, and become vegan. After I saw Earthlings, I knew I had to do everything in my power to reduce cruelty. A change in your lifestyle is the easiest way, and it brings clean things into your life and into other's. I like you have always loved animals, but grew up in a home of meat-eaters. While they support me in everything I choose to do, they are still pretty insensitive a lot of the times to my feelings about animal cruelty. I suppose humor (poor humor) is their way of taking the edge off the tension they may feel, being they have someone in their house serving as a constant reminder that meat is wrong.

I started for selfish reasons, for my health, which led me to reconnect to the compassionate person I had been as a child. I became pescetarian as a New Year's resolution, and joined this site looking for recipes. Many vegetarians and vegans began to talk to me about my diet, and trying to educate me why eating fish was wrong. I listened, and I agreed, and it's led me down the path which makes me the vegan I am today :)

Thanks for the honesty! My family can be a bit insensitive, too, and they just don't get it a lot of the time. But that's why, like you, I joined this a site. To find my way a bit more, and also to find support and people who understand.

I never watched Earthlings, I hear it's one of the most heartbreaking animal cruelty documentaries... I don't know if I could handle it. I watched Vegucated and was a mess...so I'm not sure haha...but yeah, those documentaries sure do bring a sense of clarity on the matter—how disgusting it is.

Thanks for the response, you seem like a lovely person!! :)

No problem at all :) Sometimes they really don't get it :/ You have to gauge whether it's worth expending the effort to try and teach them or if it's going to go above their heads and that's also frustrating, haha. Sorry you are also dealing with this!

Earthlings is very hard to deal with. I had to pause it like 5 times and take a break because I was crying. Definitely very powerful. Haven't seen Vegucated so I'll have to get on that but you can only watch so many of those types of films, gets very hard. 

Thank you :) As do you! I look forward to getting to know you better xo

Saw Earthlings on the big screen. The Animal Activism Student group from my school arranged had for the screening. I remember many students (mostly females) crying and leaving the film midway. Even at the end, most people were on tears.

Wow really? That's so cool that you all watched it together. Solidarity :)

Reading of all the chemicals put into them and of the cruelty they faced. I too cried...

It's funny because you can inform some people and they just keep eating it anyway. Glad you are better than that! People's apathy toward their health can be frightening at times.

Sometimes I kick myself in the face because when I was younger I turned a blind eye. Now that I am out on my own and buy my own foods I can take more charge in how I choose to live my life. You can't be an animal lover and eat animals or support the cruelty of the meat/egg/and dairy industry....you just can't!

"You can't be an animal lover and eat animals or support the cruelty of the meat/egg/and dairy industry....you just can't!"

Agreed with you, 100 times over. I am the same way about kicking myself in the face for being so stupid about my health. You know it's wrong you just don't care or you feel like bad things won't happen. Definitely caught up with me, haha.


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