*It's more than likely that this question has been asked on here before but I am new to the site and curious. :)

I personally have loved animals all my life but grew up in a home of meat-eaters. I always wished I could be vegetarian but never had the guts to do it for various reasons. I remember, though, in high school I did a study on KFC chicken and saw videos of what they did to their chickens and I cried for hours. I never ate KFC chicken again but continued eating other meats.

Last December, I watched Vegucated with no intention of giving up meat, but when I watched it and saw the horrific truth of all factory farms I was horrified, and again, cried for hours. It was then I decided never to eat meat again and I haven't.

Only recently (April 10th) I heard about The China Study and watched a documentary that covered it and when I found out the immense benefits of being a vegan (plus I had always planned to become a vegan eventually) I decided it was time to switch. So I did.

So, how about you guys? What's your story?


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nothing. i was just vegetarian since birth. i was also given the choice to eat meat, but i declined it as i believed that eating meat will cause my bodies health to go bad.

Ditto. Except I never saw the need, and never had the desire, to eat meat (as opposed to abstaining for health reasons).

yup, no need, no desire. just never sparked me to eat it. when i look at it, i only think that, "why eat meat all the time, when you can eat veges?". the other isnt totally biased on health reason, i just believe that eating veges will allow you to get enough nutrients and such, and its good for your body. no need to eat meat.

same here :) some friends used to ask me to try though and I'd always kindly avoided 

Hi Gemma, your story sounds a lot like mine. Good for you taking a stand on what you believe. I personally don't like talking about my food choices with my family. I.E. my Mom calling me and saying "We're having everyone over for Sunday dinner, what can you eat?" ugghhh! I love that she's at least thinking of me but I usually bring a dish I can eat to share with others. I love cooking and showing others how very yummy, wholesome and comforting animal free food can be that way. 

Good luck and best wishes in everything you do!!

hello Gemma, 

I gave up meat when I was 14 when my sister told me that their was pig in my beans. During those times I never made the connection that meat was dead animal. My sister was the first to go vegetarian that day and then I did immediatly that day. I was lacto ovo vegetarian for 5 years. And also I never knew a vegetarian during this time. I remember people constantly confusing me with veganism and I felt offended about that because even though I never knew one, I looked negatively on them. But I still managed to be lacto ovo vegetarian and I was a little more ethical because I was always against dissection. During those years, I watched Food Inc for my senior year in college and thought about how cruel factory farms were but didn't really think too much about it. Then a couple months past and I heard Bill Clinton was vegan and his health rational behind it and then I took the plunge and transitioned to veganism right away. I saw Earthlings, Forks Over Knives,Vegucated, and other animal related films when I was vegan. Those films just made me not want to go back to animal products. Now it's been almost three years vegan and it's definetly something I do not regret. My view on my health, life, and animals changed a lot. I met other vegans in the community, I started volunteering and helping animals and no longer support places that exploit animals or use them in any way and do the least amount of harm that I can. I'm a lot more peaceful and positive and I have a fresh outlook in my life and a lot more compassion to all animals including humans and a lot more enviornmentally conscious that I used to be. 

That's so cool that both you and your sister became vegetarian at the same time :) And as soon as you made that connection too, how wonderful. Congrats on going vegan :) Very inspirational story! Love Bill Clinton for sharing his story haha xo

Thank You Gemma for your post, here is my story:

I have always been an animal lover, I grew up in meat-eaters house. I never knew of anything about the horrors of the meat industry till 2012 autumn. I watched the Earthlings documentary from pure interrest, I was stunned immediatly when i saw all that suffering. I had to watch it till the end (to know what we r dealing with here) and i rly did, I cryed entire time of that documentary, just holding my baby puppy i had got the same year summer in my arms. I coulnt believe i was so deep in the world of lies of the meat, leather, circus, aquarium, fishing, clothing, dairy and egg industries. I was shocked.

I never ate meat after that. I started as vegetarian till i discovered the big link between dairy and meat industries. I started researching. I wanted to discover every lie there was, i wanted to take the patches away from my eyes, i wanted to be able to see this world as it is and never believe the lies from those industries anymore. The research was rly hard time, i watched countless videos, pictures, documentaries and i came into conclusion that veganisim was the only way to make me free of these horrors, so i started switching slowly.

The problem was that im in a relationship, i live together with my bf. he never wanted to see any of those videos, he didnt want to know. it took sometime for him to underestand that i had seen something that totally changed my life. So i told him to let me cook for him for a week only vegan/vegetarian food and see if its rly as bad as he tought. After the week of rly delicious vegan food and desserts, i think i made him believe that turning into vegetarian or vegan food in future wouldnt be that much from him. But i knew he needed to see it, see the suffering till he could rly open his eyes. He watced the documentary made by awesome Gary Yourofsky on youtube a mnth ago. And he made desicion tobecome full vegan with me and help and support this lifestyle. We r still in process in learning everything like new recepies and clothing and things like that, also shampoos and make ups and stuff like that r changeing into vegan and more vegan all the time.

Nowadays we eat full vegan food, as about clothes go, when they broke, or r old a vegan product will be put to replace them. Same goes for make ups and home cleaning stuff. Im starting to feel more and more healthy and happy that every meal i eat i know im doing my best to stop this madness of animal industries. When i ever get kids they will be born and raised as vegan and i will teach them to love and respect nature and animals the best way i can. 

Thank You for reading.

Wow! That is an AMAZING story! Going vegan truly is an awesome thing. And those videos of the cruelty truly opened my eyes too. I'm happy for you that you got your boyfriend to become a vegan also. It's a beautiful thing when people choose the veg lifestyle. I agree that it is definitely amazing to know we are doing what we can to stop the injustice.

Thanks for the response! :)

watching earthlings REALLY changed my view and also gary yourofsky . 

^^  Yes yes yes :) 

I don't like the person I become when I eat meat. I've gone back and forth over and over again, and each time I think I can handle it, but I end up becoming vigilant, disruptive, anxious, less compassionate, more critical, darker dreams, unhappy, intolerant. I gain weight, I feel ugly, I hate everything.


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