*It's more than likely that this question has been asked on here before but I am new to the site and curious. :)

I personally have loved animals all my life but grew up in a home of meat-eaters. I always wished I could be vegetarian but never had the guts to do it for various reasons. I remember, though, in high school I did a study on KFC chicken and saw videos of what they did to their chickens and I cried for hours. I never ate KFC chicken again but continued eating other meats.

Last December, I watched Vegucated with no intention of giving up meat, but when I watched it and saw the horrific truth of all factory farms I was horrified, and again, cried for hours. It was then I decided never to eat meat again and I haven't.

Only recently (April 10th) I heard about The China Study and watched a documentary that covered it and when I found out the immense benefits of being a vegan (plus I had always planned to become a vegan eventually) I decided it was time to switch. So I did.

So, how about you guys? What's your story?


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Yeah I find that you definitely feel better in every way when you give up meat...it's the best feeling.

I initially started cutting back on beef, pork, and salt around middle school age after hearing about how unhealthy it was and what the health history of both sides of my family was like. For almost 10 years, my sister and I had a pet rabbit. It wasn't until after he died that I realized that taking care of him also affected my desire to eat meat. Reflecting back, as I got older there were more and more occasions where I preferred meatless meals.

It wasn't until I was in college and started buying my own food when I started doing a lot of research about ingredients, additive, where meat REALLY came from and vegetarianism. I was disgusted about how the animals were treated, what was added to the meat, how unclean a lot of the meat processes were and how meat contributed to a lot of the diseases and illness my family were suffering and had suffered from. As Black-American female, I did NOT want to be another statistic. During and shortly after my research period, I started slowly cutting back to including meat to only 1 meal per week and cutting out all except fish. I started to notice that the less meat I ate, the less I had stomach pains from my gastritis. Less pain=less taking medicine :D

The day before I was supposed to start work at a summer camp, I decide to eat a home prepared tuna salad sandwich. After eating it, I got super sick. (Almost to the point where I wondered if I was going to be well enough to go the next day.) I knew it wasn't food poisoning because both of my parents ate it and were completely fine. The next day rolls around and I'm feeling a bit better. When we get there they serve us dinner and I decide to take a small piece of chicken. (It was a long drive, I was hungry, and there wasn't much to choose from.) Bad idea. I didn't get as sick as before, but it did give me stomach pains. The day after that, I realized that my body could no longer handle meat and I gave up it up completely. :) Best choice of my life so far! May 29th will be my 1 year "vegeversary".

I've thought deeply about going vegan but sadly I'm not at the point in my life where I can pay for my own food yet. (Another long story.)

You and I have much the same story. My family also has a LOT of health problems, and I didn't want that for myself, and the researching and then the discovery of how animals are treated. Congrats on your journey :)

Wow I love this. It is further proof that the veg lifestyle is much healthier and does our bodies so much good. Congrats on your almost 1 year! That is a major milestone and I can only imagine how exciting that is!! Be proud of yourself!!! :)

The Smiths, 1985, Meat is Murder Album.

Another reason to love the Smiths haha

I never really liked meat, even as a little boy. Then I listened to a song of my fav singer MELANIE SAFKA, she sang "I don´t eat Animals". That was it, I stoped immediately.

It's interesting to see how music inspires people :) That's great xo

I gave up meat after driving by some cow farms in CA.  Seeing that they had no where to roam, no grass to eat, so cramped up.  They were just standing there like they were lost and had no where to go.  Even if all farms went organic and free roam and cage free, I cant see myself eating meat again.

Wow I never heard a story like that, quite unique. But it's amazing the impact seeing it for yourself can make... good on you, Ryan.

There were so many reasons to give up meat. Dietary, Spiritual, Ethical.  For me, the better question would be what makes some people keep eating meat?

Especially the people who are "aware." The argument around continuing to eat meat tend to orbit around the "Because I wanna and I can so meh" spectrum.


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