So this is a pretty random post but I enjoy getting to know people and learn what makes them different and unique. Usually when people ask me to say something unique about myself I tell them that I'm vegan but I guess we have to change the answers here now don't we ;) So what makes you quirky and unique. As an example, I speak a little Finnish, I'm studying computer programming as well as art and the performing arts. I'm that old school rocker girl who listens to the underground goth music but I love a little bit of Elvis and classical music in my mix. And my big secret.....I'm a born country girl ;). So this is all about you. Give me a sentence, give me a paragraph. Answer a whole freaking page. I promise I will read and comment as fast as possible. Have fun, be nice and go deeper than a puddle as we say in my family :)

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Hi! I'm Shannon. I have 5 kids and I've been married going on 13 years. I'm a vegetarian and been strong for a whole week now. Lol. I plan to merge into veganism after I get the vegetarian part down. I love all types of music and write poetry. I was born and raised here in lovely South Carolina!!!

OMG another Carolina girl :) Im from North Carolina. Congrats on your marriage and family. To be honest a loving family is all that is needed to measure success and happiness. And good luck on your journey to veganism and vegetarianism. If you ever need help or support I'll be around. :) Thanks for posting


Congrats!  I had my 13th Anniversary on Tuesday...I'd like to visit lovely S.Carolina someday, it sounds amazing

It is lovely. I couldn't imagine living anywhere but here on the lake. :)

Sweet of you to go deep.  I am a little bit country myself :)  (Great-grandfather founded the Calgary Stampede)  Dated a PRCA Rodeo Cowboy in College, and graduated High School in the Hicks

But a city girl @ heart.  San Fransisco under ground clubbing...I coined the term: Chemical Vegan...which is impart to my love for "Techno-music"  Deep house, and progressive beats. Love me some lazers :)"  Gloving and I am an original stick spinner.

I have been a "burner" the past 12 years (see  Have two boys, I just taught how to moon walk :)

I work as a physical therapist assistant with the geriatric population.  I am a personal trainer and red belt in Tae Kwon Do.  My husband and I are happily married, "Work to Travel" is our Motto.  I just ran my first 1/2 marathon and am a cancer survivor of 8 months

 What else?  ..I wanna do it all, but I know my limits.

Congratulations on being a survivor!!!! :)

Thank you Shannon.  Truth is, you never girlfriend diagnosed the same time as me last year and was given 3-6 months to live last week :(  I spent several hours with her today, lying in her bed together just trying to wrap our brains around the whole night mare.  She has 4 kids, a great husband and a grand can only imagine.  Btw, you look to young for  5 kids!  But, you must be having a blast!  I am one of 5 and there was never a dull moment :)

I'm so sorry. :( I lost a very dear person to me in march from liver cancer. It's a nasty and brutal thing. But My best friend is a survivor of colon cancer. ...... and thanks! No never a dull moment lol

You look so young, I guess because you are still so young at heart :). Congrats on beating cancer. I work with the American Cancer Society so I love to hear success stories. I'm glad to see some more southern girls in here because I thought it was very uncommon for southern girls to be vegan. Love the term chemical vegan btw. I like the rave scene but strobe lights make me run into stuff haha. Thanks for posting. I'm glad to get to know more people here and if you ever need any support or someone to talk to, my door is always open :)

Lol, I am NOT a fan of the strobe either ;)"  And I look young in the me some photo booth :P  However, I can tell you are very intuitive because I am absolutely a young soul...look forward to keeping in touch with you beautiful young ladies


Unique, unique... well, I was born in Japan? I don't think that's too out there but some people won't shut up about it and it gets embarrassing. They're like ZOMG. Er... I've studied six different languages, formally, and never became proficient in any of them. I also love underground music, just started getting into Witch House. I don't really have one style, I dress up different every day. I hate clothes shopping. For a girl that's weird I guess idk lol. I saved my cousin from drowning, even though I didn't learn to swim until I was like 11 and am terrified of deep water. I'm even scared of the deep end of a pool. And needles. When I was little once, the staff was holding me down and my family also had to hold me down while they tried to give me a shot. I kicked my shoes off at the doctor, I was so desperate, lol. I had stomach flu in high school, was at the point of puking my stomach fluids and was still resisting the doctor giving me a shot. Now with my thyroid disease, I sweat and go into hysterics when they mention they want to test my levels, lol. I've gone over a year without getting them checked now, oops. I've also seen the Dalai Lama while he was in Wisconsin and met Jared Leto.  That's not really saying anything about me I just wanted to say that lol.


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