So this is a pretty random post but I enjoy getting to know people and learn what makes them different and unique. Usually when people ask me to say something unique about myself I tell them that I'm vegan but I guess we have to change the answers here now don't we ;) So what makes you quirky and unique. As an example, I speak a little Finnish, I'm studying computer programming as well as art and the performing arts. I'm that old school rocker girl who listens to the underground goth music but I love a little bit of Elvis and classical music in my mix. And my big secret.....I'm a born country girl ;). So this is all about you. Give me a sentence, give me a paragraph. Answer a whole freaking page. I promise I will read and comment as fast as possible. Have fun, be nice and go deeper than a puddle as we say in my family :)

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I'm not going to pretend I know where they came from... I don't really have a religion so..... I don't have any opinions on the origin of existence.... but I DO know that the spirit world exists. It's kind of like a parallel dimension in relation to our existence.

We have a body and a soul, but because our soul is IN our body, our existence is mostly physical world stuff... we CAN visit the other dimension, the spirit world, there are people who regularly astral project so that they can personally explore, but aside from this, we pretty much live physical existences... until we die... which is when we leave our body completely.

Demons or other spirit creatures are spirits who were "created" to exist in the spirit world as their only existence. Kind of like what we will be experiencing when we die.
I believe much like mother nature has a balance and functions in harmony with all of it's counterparts, I believe the spirit world is much like that. It functions in it's own way with it's own inhabitants in harmony with itself and in harmony with the physical world. I believe it is basically just another form of existence.... they we rarely get to experience...

the only way a spirit creature could ever experience a physical existence I suppose is through the act of possessing a living person.

they call that haunting I guess.

What kind of books do you read. And if u like ghost hunting our state has a group called NC HAGS that hunts ghost. They have a web page and their videos are really cool. They explored one place close to my house so I find them pretty interesting, im not sure if you will but thats cool. I dont do the tarot cards or oujia boards because i dont play with spirit stuff even though im not sure how firm my belief in spirits are yanno

sure ouija boards are... "spirit stuff" lol but I couldn't help but to correct you... tarot has nothing to do with spirits... unless your referring to your own spirit.

All it is is reading the vibrations/vibe (or spirit... I guess) of a (living) person.... so... I wouldn't say it's even in the same category of ouija boards because those are used to communicate with dead spirits (or those that have never lived).

Sorry. Just trying to end the misunderstandings people have about tarot.

I get what tarot cards are, Im not one of those people who think that its some satanic stuff in fact I find it funny when Joesph Vargo talks about his run in with people calling it evil. I just kinda threw that together because Im not really sure how you classify stuff like that lol I figured it was better than calling whatyamcallit XD

lmao... well I guess thats true. XD

I´m Laura and I´m a crazy person lol.. I love rollercoasters and mangas, when I was a child I wrote my own manga that was fun and I made a mistake and hurt a good friend but for a few months I try to make it better and to help as much as I can. Good persons deserve luck and I hope I can achieve it for them. And my new hobby is taking pictures  and edit them on the computer!

well when I was young, as in a child, my father used to lock me in the garage as a punishment where it was cold and dark.  at first I would scream a lot but then I started to like it there, and then he stopped putting me there as a punishment!  I used to go there whenever I was in a fight with someone in the family as a banishment for myself and they had a hard time getting me out because I would lock the door on them so that they could not get inside.  and after that, I often liked to crawl in to small dark places and sit for hours.  all of this has led to my interest in meditation and sensory deprivation.  so in a way, I guess I should thank my stupid father.

Scary, but it seems that you have turned it around. Good for you!! :-)

Wow, a lot of different ppl here!! Im also different (of course XD ) My father is african and my mom spanish, I was born is Spain, but I dont look spanish with this tan I wear.. so ... being in Spain is a funny thing, when I speak everybody tells me, hey... you really speak good spanish haahah sure!!! I heard every kind of funny story referring me and my family... I was adopted (my mom is blond with blue eyes), I was a refugee spending the summer time in my city... and now its happening with my son! He is much lighter than me and I heard every kind of histories like....are u the nanny??? hahahahah yeah,  jijjij   You american girls should come to Amsterdam in The Netherlands, its soooo beautiful here!! and... its a vegetarian paradise, u can find any product, life here is easy :-) kisses!!

so many beautiful unique human beings!!

hey...  well i enjoy my own company and i never feel bored ever .. i used to write stories so sometimes there's this narrative going on in my head like "story of my life"  I love to sing and make up songs but never infront of people, i really want to overcome my shyness. i love to ask people deep thinking questions or just wacky ones to get a glimpse of how their mind thinks. One very unique or quirky thing about me is... ive always wanted a girlfriend and a boyfriend at the same time, but i dont know how that would work. can love be so equal and strong that you can overcome jealousy... I also strongly feel that my soul originated from another planet, galaxy.... ;)

I guess I'm different mainly because I have a huge place for animals in my heart and the space allotted to animals just seems to get larger each time I gain more knowledge about them mainly being illtreated and tortured. Thats y I find myself a unique person. This passion of mine means more to me than just about other hobbies which I have which including reading, listening to music, singing, gardening, decorating interiors etc.


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