What meals/tips would you suggest if you are trying to lose weight if you are a Vegetarian?

Embarrassing I know, but I've been veggie for quite a long time but have seemed to struggle to lose weight and remained over-weight for the majority of my childhood. It didn't bother me at the time, but when I got older I decided to do something about it, throughout 2 years since I have now lost 3 and a half stone through swapping potato and starchy foods and beans for more green stuff like salad, and eating more quorn and Tofu. I'd like to lose another 2 stone to reach my target, does anyone have any good tips on any meals that I could use. I eat quite healthy but have struggled with over-eating on cakes and binge-ing on chocolates, which I'm controlling at the moment, but still any ideas on how to lose weight as a veggie would be great. I love cooking, so any tips on great recipes that are not starchy and make you constipated? Potatoes seem to have that affect on me, I love them and have lived on them for years but cutting and swapping has been the key to me losing weight, and of course stopping the cakes! 


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Cut out white flour. Cut out refined sugars. And if you can, cut out oils.

Being Vegetarian does not equal thin.  Even as a Vegan I have to watch my caloric intake and amount of healthy fats.  To much of ANYTHING is not a good thing.  With baking, substituting eggs, with egg whites, or I use flax seed meal (3 TBSP and some water) as well as replacing the butter/oil ingredient with applesauce, or coconut oil will keep your heart healthy, and your waist line too!  Sugar is the enemy in my house as well.  I add only 1/2 the amount a recipe calls for.  Or try just taking a "bite" of the cake, or sharing a piece.  I also choose to make "mini muffins, or mini size cookies to keep serving sizes small enough to satisfy but not overindulge.  Also try the switch to Dark Chocolate,  if you have not already.  Last is increasing your exercise.  Burn more calories, and you may not need to change anything in your diet to lose the last few pounds :)  Good luck

I've lost 25 pounds from eating mostly raw food.

Try to be more active, if you are eating right and not seeing results.

Dairy is designed by nature to grow baby calves into thousand pound cows in a short amount of time. The best suggestion I have for you is to cut out dairy. I heard a quote once about how dairy will make a person fat faster than any other food group... not to mention all the growth hormones they feed the animals now. 

Many vegetarians actually gain weight when they go veg because they start eating cheese cheese cheese on everything in place of animal flesh.

I have a vegan recipe blog if you want to check it out for cruelty-free recipe ideas: http://tiatofu.com 

yeah totally!! you have to cut out on milk and cheese!! happened to my friend, he gained weight from more cheese even w/o meat. Go more raw/vegan :)

Eat more raw vegetables and try to break up with cheese and eggs. I know it's difficult, but it can be done.  I still hear cheese talking to me from my son's refrigerator, but I try to remember it's 70% saturated fat and just a big block of condensed fat and animal protein that I don't want to wear.

Try reading Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat To Live" and following his research-based nutritarian diet. He has helped hundreds of people lose weight and recover from Diabetes and all kinds of diet-related illness. If you find him to be too extreme--try Dr. McDougall who also advocates a similar diet but incorporates a lot more starches.

To be honest, I am 31, and as a vegan I have never worried about my weight.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention: EXERCISE.

Simply eating well will not do ANYTHING. It may do something over the course of /years/ but if you are really that concerned, you have to MOVE THAT BODY!

Find out what your physical limitations are. Then try to go one step beyond that. Cardio is AMAZING at dropping weight. If you can, work your way up to jogging a few miles a day. Do tons of crunches/sit-ups. Push-ups. If you can, go to a gym and use the weight machines.

And yoga! That'll whittle your boy down in no time.

You would lose a lot of weight if you followed a whole food [although not necessarily organic] ,low glycemic, vegan diet.

All sugars are out,all processed foods too, as are any artificial sweeteners or things that the body reacts to as if sugar[ie starchy veg, fruit too high in fructose etc]. If you can get the book Sugarettes by Scott Olsen it tells you just how bad sugar is and the reaction in your body to it. Sugar is as bad as animal products.

Your body truly does crave what it is use to eating so careful what you feed it and change what it craves.

I eat vegan but I do not buy any processed foods. I get my fats and proteins from whole foods, beans, quinoa, olive oils flax etc. I never eat tofu or other vegan processed foods which would still be high in sugars, soy[which is bad for you] salt ,preservatives etc.

When I want to treat myself I make a nice  homemade almond milk fruit smoothie, or a green juice[with fruit added to sweeten the greens] or I make flax seed crackers with either homemade salsa or quacamole. I sometimes put my smoothie in the freezer, stirring it until it is a fruit sorbet.Also very good to do with nut yogurt and fruit. 

If you like french fries or potatoes eat yams. I especially love yams cut up to french fry length and width, rubbed with a bit of olive oil, sea salt and pepper,then baked. No french fry tastes so good! With such mouth watering healthy treats who needs chocolates ,cakes or that other junk ?

 Besides, what's the point in eating vegetarian if one is still going to poison one self with all the other bad toxins?

The weight will fall off of you if you follow a low GI, whole food vegan diet. :)

they are right on that cheese and all dairy products. you tend to eat to much of them without realizing it. stop eating anything that's fried, stop putting oil in salads, or put very little, replace cooked meals with raw vegan meals. you can replace you typical breakfast with an shake made from fruit and vegetables, I've seen recepied on this site. don't you eat after 4 pm, or maximum 6 pm. I ate four meals before 4 pm, last one at 4, and didn't feel any need to eat anyhing after that untill morning. dinner should always be raw vegan, you can cook for lunch. eat less or at all, flour, processed salt, sugar, fat, sweets. eat more fruits and uncooked vegetables. and excercise! that should do it. 


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