They are all so cute! Yes? ;)! But I still am going to bully you into picking one :3! So which animal is your favorite? Mine is the Bengal tiger! Wooo!

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There are soooo many beautiful animals, but my best friend in this world is a dog, so I have to say dog :) 

Good answer :) I hope to adopt a doggy one day xo

My favorite animals are turtles...

Just as the turtle cannot separate itself from its shell,neither can we separate ourselves from what we do here on earth.The turtle can accept life for what it is, always managing to stay calm and be a peaceful creature.I think we like certain animals because they represent who we are as a person.If you think about it, animals have their own unique wisdom to them.It shouldn't surprise anyone that the animal kingdom could teach us a thing or two.They don’t seek to destroy each other on a grand scale,or they don’t seek to self destruct as humans do.

Excellent choice! I forgot how wonderful sea turtles are! My headline thingy on facebook is of this sea turtle I was utterly taken by. Love your reasonings too, wonderful animal xo

That is awesome another turtle lover!!Lol..It's funny you have the same sea turtle picture!!!<3 I just love them ,they have a harmony about themselves.That something I relate to, is why i love them so.

They really do! So peaceful, as you said. Calming just watching them swim <3

Gotta love the lion :3! They are incredibly beautiful kitties!

Cows are a recent favorite of mine! I was hoping someone would pick them! They truly are so cute and intelligent, once you see some real footage of a happy, non-tortured, non-mutilated cow :(

Cows are pulling ahead! Lol! :)! Good choice!! I want to adopt/rescue one someday, and give him a wonderful loving home! Their big beautiful eyes melt my heart.

Very true :)!! It'll probably be close to when I retire, it would be lovely. Thank you so much xoxo

I wish you all the best for adopting.


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