They are all so cute! Yes? ;)! But I still am going to bully you into picking one :3! So which animal is your favorite? Mine is the Bengal tiger! Wooo!

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Animals are a gift to sit in wonderment about.  So beautiful and magnificent!  My heartstrings always pull for PANDA's,  So intriguing at any age....and they are also private herbivores ....just like me.  I think people's favorite speaks to who they are.

Giant Panda picture

 My favorite animal is the rat. They are like super animals. They are adorable and friendly, intelligent and super interactive as pets. They are actually very clean animals, they can jump extremely high, swim for days on end, balance like an acrobat, memorize mazes with video-like memory, their shoulders and hips can collapse to fit into anything the size of their head and they have deep relationships with other rats and as well as humans.

Yeah they are :) Those spotted baby pigs just pull at my heart strings!

Grey wolf

Excellent choice! Very very beautiful animals xo

all cat types - white tiger, lynx ocelot among others. wolves are also cool. many, those come to mind instantly though. arctic animals are my favourite terrain type generally


Foxes, red pandas, all types of cats, wolves,  owls and donkeys! And sooo many more :D


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