I used to always use Olive Oil, probably because I lived in Italy for a long time and we all (at least in my area) drenched olive oil on everything. Safflower oil however, apparently has about the lowest concentration of saturated fat out of any vegetable oil. It has become an immediate favorite. It is very light, and when you cook it I find there's a lot less of a chance of oil leaking around your plate or from the vegetables. Also, more moly and polyunsaturated fats are added with this particular oil, and these are of course the optimal fats for a healthy diet. However, it is a rather more expensive option, best used sparingly. 

What do you prefer?

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Definitely do! Have fun :)!!

Am from an Asia country, thus mostly people here uses sunflower oil however, i personally changed to using olive oil few years back as when cabbage is fried with it, it taste awesome!! Also it's more healthy compared to other oil~~ can really see the difference while frying eggs!! =DD

I like to cook in olive oil! if i dont have that vegetable oil. I never tried peanut oil ect.. I would like to try it one day. 

4 staples in my cupboard  Olive, Coconut, Sesame and Grapeseed oils

Currently OBSESSED with this organic avocado oil....dressings, baking, roasting with it, yumm-0!

For cooking always avocado and coconut oils


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