Some of my friends like to bring something non vegan to cook at mine. I hate the thought of meaty steam getting all around my oven and covering my plates etc. I'm not sure the best way to tackle it as I don't want to make people feel unwelcome

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Thats the same way i feel when im around people that smoke , you just have to stand your ground
But remember ,they also should be worried about making you feel un comfortable
Thank you. That helps a lot. I feel better about telling them.

I agree with lily...

hello,if I were you I would ask my carnivorous friends don't cook meat in my house directly!Respect each other is the premise of friendship.

If it really bothers you I would just tell them. Do they accommodate your veganism when you go to their house?
Some do actually others I would bring my own meal.

If our Friends eat Meat, let them eat but we should not eat. Always remember "Despise Sins not Sinner".

I don't despise them I just don't want them to use my kitchen.

Stand your ground.  I do and it seems like most are interested in what a meat free meal would be like.  I try to appear surprised that they would even ask.  

Thank you. I will tell them straight in the future. I hope they understand why. Maybe if they don't understand then I don't need them anyway.

if they don't respect your views, then you are right. 


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