Some of my friends like to bring something non vegan to cook at mine. I hate the thought of meaty steam getting all around my oven and covering my plates etc. I'm not sure the best way to tackle it as I don't want to make people feel unwelcome

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Stand your ground!

None of my friends would bring any meat, fish or poultry to my house neither would any of them light a cigarette indoors!

If I have dinner at their house I respect the fact that they prepare meat but some of my friends prepare vegetarian dishes when I come for dinner and eat vegetarian food at least occasionally. 

My house, my rules! Their house, their rules! Stand your ground and adress this subject openly.

Thank you. All this response has been very encouraging. No more meat in my kitchen :-)

Good for you, girl! Stay firm! :-)

You should not allow anyone to bring meat into your house. Period. It's disgusting to eat and unsanitary to have in your house raw. They have to go elsewhere for meat, not your house! You deserve friends who respect that. Good luck.

let them know about your beliefs, and be confident in your values. If they truly respect you they will understand why and not bring it. :) my family after explaining to them my feelings about it respect my decision and are even having a vegan christmas with me at my house! show them other alternatives that are tasty and make them excited to try something new

That's a good idea. I think I'll throw a vegan Christmas party at my place :-)
Thanks for the ideas.

could you compromise and ask them to bring pre-cooked meat, I know they will probably have to warm it up (oven or microwave) but still better than actually cooking it. Or just say 'your' kitchen is a meat free zone.  My son eats meat, so i still have to cook it, it doscent bother me, im not eating it, but he will happily eat my meat free meals too.  It always amazes me that some meat eaters think they will die if they have a meat free meal!

I cook meat for my dogs, so it makes no difference to me. Since it matters to you, here's a couple ideas.

Could you ask them to cook it elsewhere and just bring it?

Could you maybe tell them the smell makes you sick? I know I have to open my windows when cooking the dogs' food because it flat out stinks.

Could you maybe tell them you were planning to cook and then just cook a vegan meal? Most meat eaters I've fed like Gardein. 

Either way, they should respect you. There are some cultures where meat is not even allowed in their houses or everything is considered contaminated.

Why can't some people live without meat for just one day or one are not the problem here!
i let my friends cook meat in my kitchen as long as they wash up afterwards.

No way! They may bring some meat if they really want it, but they can't cook it in my kitchen. In my home I make the rules. If I visit some friends I take into account their rules. It's simple.


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