So most people have irrational fears, my only one is spiders but I don't want to kill them so what do I do. I don't want them even in the same room with me so how do I handle this without harming the spider. Most of you probably think why don't I just kill it like a sane person but if i feel that its wrong to kill animals to eat why should I decide that I can kill an animal just because of a phobia. So please help, ive never really been sure how to handle this. 

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I was just about to say the same thing :)

i try to capture them and set them outside, but sometimes i got chit to do, pick up my daughter, go to work and im like look man i aint got time for this. but i am proud to announce i havnt killed a spider in several years. im like a recovery addict person

I am petrified of them. If I see one in the house though, I catch it in a pint glass and put it outside. It helps if you give them silly or cute names :)

I think it's great that, despite your fear, you don't kill spiders! And the idea of giving them cute names is really original. I just wish other spider-phobes had your inventiveness and kindness!

Best wishes from Sandra

Catch and release.

I'd just let it be, unless it was over my bed. Spiders are our allies. They eat insects, which can spread disease. They don't "attack" people; they don't even know we exist.

Am I the only person who actually likes spiders? Even if they're over my bed, I like them and actually encourage them to be in our house, as long as I know that they're a species that doesn't mind being in the house. To find that out you just look them up. They are so interesting!

Vacuum them up and then abandon the vacuum in an outside shed....I'm on my 3rd vacuum cleaner!

Vacuuming spiders up kills them. Doesn't that worry you? What have they done to deserve that?


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