So most people have irrational fears, my only one is spiders but I don't want to kill them so what do I do. I don't want them even in the same room with me so how do I handle this without harming the spider. Most of you probably think why don't I just kill it like a sane person but if i feel that its wrong to kill animals to eat why should I decide that I can kill an animal just because of a phobia. So please help, ive never really been sure how to handle this. 

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Depends on the type of spider, I guess.  There are some I refuse to handle, such as black widow spiders, so I let my family deal with them in their way. If it's just a harmless species, I'll try and trap it in a bottle or something or get it to climb on top of a bottle and let it go outside. 

Hmm seems like a good idea. Im just worried I will freak it out and it will crawl up me or something lol

Haha yeah they'll do that. The other day, a huge furry one was running at me so I stomped my foot to scare it off and no lie, it reared up on it's hind legs and jumped up in the air at me. I wasn't even going to try with that one lmao.

Yeah if that happened to me you would have to carry me out of there on a stretcher because  I would kill myself trying to get away from it lol

Lol! Maybe it's best you avoid a heart attack then lol!

Yeah spiders, go ahead and move in my house lol, ill prefer moving out to facing you haha

Haha! Maybe just get them their own room. Throw some flies in there, keep them tame XD

Sorry for the late response, I've only just joined the group. I actually love spiders, but I sympathise with you, because you don't want to kill the spiders. Quite right, because they can't help being spiders! My daughter and I are always rescuing insects, which don't mean to be indoors. The way we find that is the most successful is to get a small glass. Then you put the glass over the insect/spider, and then slide a piece of paper or card carefully under the glass, without harming the creature. Hold the paper over the glass, while you take it outside. It works every time!

By the way, you may not be aware that spiders in the bath fall into the bath, they don't come up the plughole. They can't swim and would drown in the U-bend !

I am 15 months late, but I hope this helps. Good wishes,

from Sandra Gibson

I have never heard of doing that. Thanks so much.

my reaction aswell xD

I have one of these, I'm sure there would be other types on the net.

Hmm this one also looks good...

I have a fear of spiders but I can handle them being in the same room as me if they aren't too big. I don't kill them either... :) 


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