Hello vegetarian/vegan friends,

nobody is perfect and I just would love to know what unhealthy things your do instead of eating huge amounts of meat?

First I drunk a lot the last years and had blackouts every weekend. I really want to stop with it ... but I don't really succeed.

Moreover I smoke hookah 3-4 times the week but I think the alcohol problem is worse.

So do you have also some vice? : )

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Soda. Is. My Weakness. As well as chips. So unhealthy and fatty.

Wish i could help! All i can say is workout. OR pick up some hobbies, like working out. :)

I often sleep late-usually past midnight. Now I'm trying to hit the sack before eleven, which is quite challenging since I'm a college student, that means, an endless flow of assignments.

Besides, I have a soft spot for traditional cakes and pastries. They are laden with sugar but I cannot resist the temptation!

However, I make workout a priority-a minimum of 30 minutes a day. besides, I try to squeeze in exercise while doing my assignments, e.g. doing lunges while typing. He he he... :D

Bits of unhealthy habits are normal in our human lives, in fact they spice up life! Don't go overboard, that's what I can say.


I hope you find the strength to stop both. Ask God for strength to face your life through sobriety and learn to make peace with the things you cannot control. Life is to short.

It is wonderful that you have stopped eating meat, but do you think that there is a correlation between that and the drinking problem? Just saying, that in my opinion- sounds like a bigger issue. On another note, I love to play video games. Sometimes in C.O.D- I play death match and pretend all of the people i'm stabbing are people that work in slaughter houses and treat animals like crap. Let's just say it helps A LOT and i'm pretty beast :P 

I used to smoke. I smoked for 7 years, and I am only 23. 

I used to go to the gym, but I quit. 

I drink waaaay too much soda. 

I eat toooo many fried foods. 

Sometimes I don't want to cook so I eat a lot of cup of noodles. 

I'm not active enough and I tend to overeat... My sins! :/.


I belive, that life is always giving you the experience you need, whatever it is, the experience that is most helpful for your evolumon, this is the head thought i have. when i was 16-17-18 i used to smoke hookah, but at the age of 18 i always felt after smoking, when i went to bed at night, that - as i calles it- the smoke in my lungs, i know it wans't that, but it was a bad feeling, and after a time i did'nt wanted to smoke more, beacuse i thought "that's a bad thing", and now i don't miss it. maybe there will be a time, when you will feel this too, and can resist easily to smoke hookah more times :)

and alcohol, drink sometimes, drank more when was 17 xD i think these thinks fade out, don't they? aand i belive vegetarianism was, what gave me a push out of these vices xD 

Fill up on junk food when no vegan/vegetarian meals are available. It happens often and my metabolism is very fast, so it usually goes unnoticed and I probably do it more often than I notice. I also have REALLY bad sleeping habits :p and I roll when I rave. I used to use drugs more often, but now I don't.

I drink alot of soda. And I don't go to the gym as much as I should. And I don't really cook (and I really don't have much time either since I am in school and work alot) so I eat a lot of TV dinners and other things of the sort.

I had similiar issues like you, Paul. I drank heavily and smoked cigarettes. I got treatment for the smoking becaude when I tried quit, I would go into a depression.
This was before I gave up quitting meat. What keeps me going is I reflect to the time I slipped up and had a cigarette after stopping for a while. Got so sick I couldnt take it. When the cravings hit, I would think about that. Alcohol was pretty hard. Still slip up with that once in a while. What helps me stay away from that is running. I hated running, but once I started doing 5k races, I had to commit to training. I would run almost everyday. Because I rran so much, I couldnt find the time to drink. Ever tried to run with a hangover? Though I still drink once in a while, its only about once a month and the amount is low. Believe it or not, these two were much harder to give up than meat.

Now if only I could give up sugar llike that :(
Junk food on the weekends lol although no meat it still makes me feel like shit after


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