Hello vegetarian/vegan friends,

nobody is perfect and I just would love to know what unhealthy things your do instead of eating huge amounts of meat?

First I drunk a lot the last years and had blackouts every weekend. I really want to stop with it ... but I don't really succeed.

Moreover I smoke hookah 3-4 times the week but I think the alcohol problem is worse.

So do you have also some vice? : )

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Because frozen veggies and fruits are harvested when they're perfectly ripe (and perhaps even at the peak of their flavor), they contain more nutrients than fresh ones, some of which don't keep long and have to endure the transport phase and exposure to the elements. 

one or even more than a bar of dark chocolate of 100 g a day. I drink excessively mineral water (more than 15 l a day). The second vice I practice for many years now, and my physical health is still very well.

I love sweets! And I used to eat a lot of carbs (not not too much). I go to bed very late and I think that is awful, but I love being awake longer and sleeping till the midday.

waaayy too much pasta with cheese :-(

Oh my... I do smoke cigarrettes for 20 years now... and I am 33!!! I am fighting to quit weed, that I smoke since I was 18. I rarely drink alcohool, but when I do... I never know when to stop. I love coca-cola and I wish I wouldn't! I'm a mess!

My unhealthy sin is candy or anything sour. I could eat sour candy all day or eat limes or drink straight lime juice without batting an eye.. I've since started buying sugar free lemon candy and sunflower seeds.. This seems to be helping the cravings quite a bit.. 

Hey Paul

I'm sure we all all have our unhealthy vices. I like sweet things, like chocolate, but now make my own date/nut/cocoa truffles, bake my own vegan cakes etc
I'm guessing you are quite young, and the binge drinking may be a phase. It is concerning though that you black out every weekend. It may be a good idea to go to your family doctor for advice. It's concerning not just because of the damage it's doing to your body/health, but for all the other risks associated with being drunk.
I also use to smoke hookah occasionally, but completely stop. Try look at it the same way as meat. You don't won't to poison your body with that, so why would you with anything else?
J :)
Eating when I'm not hungry, just bored.
And once you're full, does your boredom vanish into the ether?


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