Hello vegetarian/vegan friends,

nobody is perfect and I just would love to know what unhealthy things your do instead of eating huge amounts of meat?

First I drunk a lot the last years and had blackouts every weekend. I really want to stop with it ... but I don't really succeed.

Moreover I smoke hookah 3-4 times the week but I think the alcohol problem is worse.

So do you have also some vice? : )

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-I drink Jarritos (soda) about 2-3 times a week.

-I binge-watch TV shows.

-I eat too much candy (trying to cut it out).


Once a year for 15 years now I have gone to Burningman.  This is when I let my bad behaviors run wild.  I leave tomorrow actually :)

And I thought you were goody-two-shoes! Anyhoo, let it all hang out.

Eating too much processed food and soda.... I smoke tobacco as well

Advice = stop doing it.

I eat candy (jelly beans) when I go to the cinema..hhhhmmmmm  jijiiijijijij

Watch out there's gelatin, usually made from pig fat, in most candies...

You can switch to almonds, berries and nuts, MUCH better :)

No, Olivier, saying that almonds, berries and nuts being much better than jelly beans is an understatement. They are way tastier and healthier too! Jelly beans provide empty calories while the berries and nuts stuff provide nutrition. :)

Thanks Olivier, I didnt know that....from now I will look at candy in a different way.... I will switch to dried fruits...also yummie and sweet!! :-)

You're welcome Matty... Actually the candy industry is very discreet about that fact. Like Sharon says, fruits and nuts are a lot better, cheaper and healthier.

If you really want to go on with candy, try hallal or kosher candy, completely animal-free. 

My eating is actually quite good. I have a toddler watching my every move so that helps me behave.  We share a treat sometimes like a little dark chocolate or a cookie.  My issue is with over eating. It comes and goes usually with stress.  Roight now... Eating.

Fried foods and craft beers.  Especially fried vegetables.  But the craft beers are worse because they are LOADED with calories, even more than your typical blue moon (which has close to 300 calories per 12 oz serving), and the alcohol content is above 10% ABV.  Having 4-5 of those in a given session leaves me feeling awful the next day. 

Also, bread and pastas has been the hardest thing to cut out too. 


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