This could be about anything. Could be about ethics, environment, health, and etc. What are some of the things they told you about your choice in being veg*n that wasn't really well thought out?

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'If we're not meant to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?'

Well, so are humans,,,

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LOL! Best one so far.

I actually heard it from one of my coleagues yesterday. Didn't believe there could be another one like him....

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Omnivore: "Humans have evolved to eat meat.

Vegan: I would say "no omnivore,. we humans evolved out of  necessity in the endeavor for  survival" and now  humans have evolved to make healthy choices in their diet because of knowledge and discernment. We are more aware about what is  good for us.  We seek not only is good for us personally  but is also what is good for the " whole". all through history. We don't evolve by "not changing", we evolve by "acclimating" and that includes strategically applied change . , is simple,...when we make monuments to the past and refuse to make monuments celebrating our  potential it is as if we are saying with a reluctant resolve  "no more please,...we do not want to go any further."

Forgive me, it's so well said that I need to quote you on Facebook. (I won't precise your entire name.)

Funny how that's how it goes every single time. The omnivore attacks you for your views and diet, and when you defend your views and slap them in the face with good facts, suddenly you're "forcing your beliefs on them". Every. Single. Time.

This really pisses me off as I'm most certainly not the kind of person to force my beliefs on someone and I don't know any veg*ns who are.

As for the main question, I don't know if this is THE worst argument given by an omnivore but it'll be within the top 5 (and probably also pretty common): "since the animals are already dead, it'd be a waste not to buy the meat and eat it." Dunno what school they went to but they obviously didn't teach anything about the basic law of  consumption and production (not that you need to be taught it, I think)...

WoW Stephen fantastic I will use that one for sure, might need to practice it a little first lol

some one tried to tell me that "god" put animals on this earth to feed us..............

and that to not eat them is a sin against god and that i was going to go to hell................

i dont ever remember anything like that when i was in church..........

Yea me either...what kind of Church did THEY go to? You always hear God is good. God is about love and serving one another with respect and we learn about Jesus who talks about not judging others and to turn the other cheek and etc etc and then you get crazy people saying God hates people like this and Jesus hates people like that and blah blah blah....whatever.  :/   

Here's my religious argument to the omnivores : God created creatures and humans (Adam and Eve or whatever your belief...) right? If animals were truly meant to be food...then animals would not have a central nervous system...why even allow them to feel pain???


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