This could be about anything. Could be about ethics, environment, health, and etc. What are some of the things they told you about your choice in being veg*n that wasn't really well thought out?

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My personal favourite is, "if we weren't meant to eat meat, we wouldn't have fangs."


If you're going to try to use biology to support an argument, at least know what you're talking about. I could list, off the top of my head, dozens of herbivores with sharp teeth - many sharper than those of carnivores; they're there to pierce through the skins of fruits and hard plants, not to rend flesh from bone. That's what carnassials are for. Humans literally do not have a singe tooth designed for eating meat.

Lol! Whoever makes that argument must have a very loose definition of fangs. Other primates have very large incisors, and wouldn't be the least bit intimidated by those found in the mouths of humans, so to call them "fangs" is to stretch credibility past its breaking point. Furthermore, the lowland gorilla (as well as other large primates), which has very large, intimidating incisors, uses them for self-defense, and maybe to pierce the skins of fruits and hard plants, but most certainly not to aid in the act of eating the flesh of another animal.

I have heard it all! 

I have been told that I will die if I don't eat meat, that if I respect animals, why I am hurting that poor lettuce? (I hate lettuce btw, i prefer other salads), that then I shouldn't wash my hands to save the germs that are living on me... 

The worst one was "God put animals on earth for us to eat."  I don't want to go in any religious discussion, but PLEASE church people, activate the brain once in a while, will you? 

 I have heard the same rubbish. I don't understand why it is so offensive to people that I am vegan??? Never a family dinner, or dinner with friends=== does it end. The constant obnoxious comments. I am a Catholic vegan. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years.. It has always been a process. Religion does not factor in to any reason why people kill animals,quite the contrary for me..


"So if you were stranded on a desert island with nothing but meat to eat you would starve to death?"  My reply, "no, but I'd rather not live my life as though I were stranded on a desert island.  Besides, if I have to, then so do you.  So stop watching t.v. and go try to build a hut."

I always get that, "Where you get your protein from?" Umm, well you do that research and find out yourself.  People are so surprised when they find out lots of things they eat that are vegetarian have protein in it.

Omnivore-" Its human instinct to eat meat."

Me "It's not instinct. I don't see roadkill on the way home from work and stop for a snack. I hope you don't either!"

'But other animals do it, so why can't we do it?'

I did what I always do and just change a couple of the names in the argument

'But Ian Brady murdered little children, so why can't we murder little children?'

a bit OT but here is a short dialogue between me and my bf's sister:

.....first part of the dialogue, which leads me to reminding everyone (ONCE AGAIN) that I don't eat meat. 

Sister looks at me wildly shoked: You mean you never eat meat.?

ME: well, I have been vegetarian all my life... 

her: I thought you would still eat meat once in a while.


"But don't you get cravings for steak? You have to eat meat when you get cravings for steak!"

Me: No, I don't get cravings.

Them: If you ate meat you would get cravings!

nice. ive also heard that. a nice reply is, "when you get cravings for veggies do you just go and eat that? No? then you really don't have no say here."

"We're evolved to eat meat." Anatomically, everything about us suggests herbivorous lifestyle. Even our psychology suggests we are herbivores. Put simply, there is no omnivore that needs to chemically alter (cook) meat, nor is there a single one that will spare the life of prey without legitimate reason (in the case of domesticated omnivores, this would be a familiarisation with the animal as one of its own and/or threat of punishment).


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