When was the moment you knew you were going to become vegetarian/vegan? (If you were raised vegetarian/vegan, maybe talk about the largest impact it has had on you).

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This is a great discussion. My moment was in college too. Last semester I took biology and biology nutrition. During nutrition, we watched Food Inc. Funny thing is, Food Inc is not a vegetarian movie. They went abput how the animals were raised and how unnatural it is. The scene that made me go veg was when they shot the scene from Polyface Farm. I love what this guy does and I think he is using some common sense by letting his animals run free. Then came the part when one of the workers put the chickens in this thing upside down and cut their throats. I kept trying to justify in my mind that there is no nice way to kill an animal and that is just the way it is. Then it dawned on me that if Ii have to justify or make excuses to eat meat, then maybe I shouldn't? duh...I also figured that supposing it is ok to eat meat to keep biodiversity, what we do to get meat now is NOT natural at all. Learned that from my other biology class.

i knew the moment i saw an animal being slaughtered. my heart just tightened

I moved by a slaughterhouse (without prior knowledge it was there. I'd blindly moved to a new town). My bus stop is opposite a slaughterhouse. You can imagine the noises and the smell. It was definitely then i decided!

I have always loved animals, but was still never fully awakened to the horrors of the ones we ate. It was "normal" and I was raised on it so I just ate what was fed to me. It always felt wrong, but I was ignorant to other ways.
One day on a lunchbreak at work, I went to McDonald's and ordered my "usual". Luckily, the girl who was the manager was also the best friend of my new guy's ex. And every time I went and asked for no onions, I'd get huge chunks of raw onions on my burgers. Well, eventually she stopped with that and upgraded to just giving me a bloody, uncooked burger one day.
I was pissed at her, but also grateful because that was the thing that finally pushed me back into vegetarianism (I was vegetarian in middle school, but "fell off the wagon" because of an asshole redneck ex who hunted, etc.).
Anyway, I took a big bite of the bloody burger because I was so hungry from work, and I immediately spat it all over the table. The taste was like a slap in the face, waking me up. I just took a big bite out of an animal that values life as we do. An animal that bleeds and breathes and hurts. What the hell had I been thinking?
I hadn't eaten meat since that moment. I was vegetarian for only a year before seeing Earthlings and I went vegan only ten minutes in...I shut off my laptop and went downstairs and started reading labels and planning out meals until I could get to the store to buy my own things. As a vegan, I have never felt healthier or happier with myself or had more energy. It feels good living a guilt and cruelty free life <3
And I've become quite the little vegan chef! Recipes are delicious and even friends and family who are not veggie LOVE them :)
I was raised a vegetarian but it was never forced upon me by my parents. They always gave me the choice. I was always disgusted by the smell of meat ever since I was young though so I never wanted to try it. One day I saw a video of the slaughter houses and about the impact meat eating has on the planet. I cried so much and I was so grateful to have been raised as a vegetarian.

My son has never tasted meat or milk and when he is at the super market near the meat area he just can not stand it , he holds his nose and sometimes closes his eyes ! , he asks me what it is , I reply a one sided war between man and animals that never stops , he now understands that taking any life is wrong .

I was raised as a meat eater though meat was only on the table 3 to 4 times a week , I worked along time a go at a butchers believe it or not , only for a short amount of time but I had to get out of that place it was just dark in my mind something just hanged over that building and quite a few of the staff were heavy drinkers too , one day I was reading about over fishing in the seas and the depletion of fish in the sea among over issues and I thought to myself how selfish I was eating fish etc and over a few weeks I stopped eating all meat then stopped drinking milk it was just me waking up kind of being reborn again and I am glad I made that choice the best thing I ever done !   

6 months ago I saw this video about farm animals life - what they have to go through, just for us to get to eat something we can live without & something in my head took a very quick turn - Suddenly I was like "I'm never going to eat meat, again, no, that's it! 

Im an animal lover and I used to eat pleeenty meat, one year ago living in NY I saw a mc donalds documental about their farm industry, and others documentals, I felt very sad at that time but I cannot quit in that moment I dont know why, then I move to PA where I have more contact with nature, I had to face the hunting season what I hate, seeing people buying hunting outfits for all the family at wallmart and rifles etc, and kids playing hunting games in games machines that some " family" restaurantas have, I have to see every day plenty dead deers and raccons and some times bears lying on the side of the high way driving to Ny and sometimes only flesh everywhere because was hit in the middle of the road, I was sad and angry for the hunting and killing everywhere plus the factory farms thing and still eating meat, I though !Waiiit a minute! What the f... Im doing? So I quit all meats the first week, and was easy for me more than I though, then I started to read about be vegetarian where I discover about be Vegan, I didnt know the world or the meaning of Vegan, I though was just vegetarians and thats it, and I just though Im ready to become Vegan even with one week without just meat. Has been 3 months now beeing Vegan, the hard part wasnt to avoid some food and products, but to deal with my family whom looks that since I take this desicion they started to eat mooore dead animals than before...

Did they really start eating more meat when you became vegan? This is so selfish, ugh... I even can't -.- 

Anyway what I wanted to tell you is that every single person on this website is proud of you for finding your way to animal cruelty free world & your family will get used to it. Mine also looked at me like I was insane and talked stuff behind my back but in the end of the day I am the one supporting animal rights not them & so are you!

When I was very young (5ish), I saw chicken legs and shrimp had veins - I have never eaten them since. As a child, the only meat my mother could get me to eat was ground beef. I never could drink milk, or eat eggs, detested them. But I grew older, and I kept trying .... I worked for decades trying to "learn" to eat meat, with some small success  ...  then finally some time before I turned 55, I decided I don't have to anymore. Looking back, I think the reason I could manage to eat ground beef was because it didn't look like a "body part".

when I was 12 year-old girl I instinctly felt there is something wrong with eating meat; I just felt guilty and tried to avoid them but my parents were not supportive at all; they  asked me to eat meat otherwise they will not talk to me anymore..so I was always tricky trying to throw meat secretly away...after that I was obliged to eat meat but when I reached universtiy I decided  not  to eat meat anymore which frustrated my family but after being determined my family support me and accept my diet ! I never watched anilal farm cruelty I turned to vegetarian instinctly...I have been veggie for 7 years!! happy fot that


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