When was the moment you knew you were going to become vegetarian/vegan? (If you were raised vegetarian/vegan, maybe talk about the largest impact it has had on you).

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when I was living with my parents until i was 16 , I sometimes looked at my food and I thought , damn I'm eating a fish that was killed. I tried being vegetarian before I moved out because I felt sorry for animals (I've been animal lover since born). But i lasted 2 days as vegetarian but at least I didn't eat my favorite meal my mother made those 2 days ! heh.

Then I moved away and I started immigrant school to learn swedish and damn first week I was there I had a chinese dude in my class and he said he ate a lot of dogs in China. I FLIPPED OUT! I was going to scream at him for doing that but then for a moment I thought, yo who am I to talk shit to him while I have been eating all my other friends my whole life, cows, pigs, horses, sheep, fish, chicken, whales, sharks, puffins, turkey... hmm what else(yea Iceland is brutal.) And that day I stopped eating corpse and I have never felt better :) :D 

I was raised on meat, brainwashed. Now I am fixing my parents. My mom didnt even know what avocado is until I told her. In Iceland they eat very much meat mostly and simple plain food, bread butter cheese ... meat potatos. fish. and so on. But now it seems to be getting better :)

I had been an on an off again and finely made up my mine I can not destroy my mind body and health any longer it self destructive behavior. I know what it does to me the animals and the earth. The videos from Mercy For Animals really hit home. I know animals feel just like we do and the fact that people who say they love animals what to turn a blind eye to the     fact that is how there food get to the table upsets me :'(

six years ago wanted healthier life style   and just stuck since best choice i made becoming vegetarian

I talked with a vegan friend and I watched the movie earthlings. This was enough to change.

Same way I ditched religion.. The evidence was overwhelming and backed by smart people in white coats.. 

When I saw "Eartlings" I was crying for hours afterwards. Call me naive, but I had no idea. Then I turned vegan immediately. Then my husband and I started investigating... I still can't believe the horrors we watch. I have cried a lot lately... I'm embarrassed to be a human.
well,one morning out young cats brought home a baby chicken ..the were playing with him while he desperately tried tó get away ..I managed tó rescue him..but in the house alone he was making complaining sounds ..so I put him into a small nest onto my desk where I was working ..he fell asleep right there in front of me..trusting me thatcher I wont hurt him.. that was the moment I decided .. he turned out to be a silky chicken..lives with us over a dear by now and reminds me every day why I made my decision..

When I was in the 5th grade, I went to Mexico for the first time. I swam with all of the fishes and when I finally came out of the ocean, I told my mom, "Mom, I never want to eat another living thing again." From that day forward, I have not ingested fish, but my mom was concerned about my development (because I was only 11 at the time) so she didn't let me become an actual vegetarian until I was 14. Now I'm a 19-year-old vegan and loving it.

That's an amazing realization at such a young age! How beautiful and metaphoric. You have a lovely soul.

I became so sensitive after a near death experience that my respect for life just grew and grew and grew. I've been vegetarian for 44 years now and have volunteered with many organizations to bring the "message" all over the world. I was trying to come up with a very basic way to increase one's sensitivity to life so I thought I'd start with environment and create a global clean up project which I did over three years ago. It's been very slow to get the word out. If any of you would like to help, please go to www.onepieceprogram.com  and sign up if you feel so inclined. After all, this is for all the animals and all of us humans! Thanks so much for all that you are already doing.   Peter

oops, I accidently tried to add a reply but started a new discussion instead! (Im new to this forum) anyway I knew it was time to become vegetarian when I put my dog Sandy to sleep this past Oct, she was 10 yrs old. I loved her very much, and I was very sad knowing there would be no more car rides no more walks in the park no more cuddling, then I started thinking about all the other animals out there, all the animals who enjoy fresh air, freely walking or swimming in their enviroment, cuddling with their mothers, etc... and I thought how can I call my self an animal lover, and grieve over my beloved pet who I felt her life was cut short, and continue to eat the flesh of baby cows who were torn away from their grieving mothers, or chickens who never got to see the light of day, or cows who had their throat cut while still alive? how could I love so deeply one animal while contributing to the slaughter of another? So, NO, I refuse to do it anymore, my dog has taught me so much about life and love for ALL living creatures.

My vegetarian/vegan journey has been an uphill battle. I come from a family of deer hunters. I was taken to the shooting range as early as age 7 and taught to shoot guns (Though, I never liked them, they scared me because they were so loud and they "kicked" back when you shot them. Throughout my childhood I was taken on hunting trips with my father. When he shot a deer he would not allow me to watch it die cause he thought it would ruin my hunting abilities...lol. I saw a deer die eventually and wept and wept, it's an awful thing to watch. I ran to the deer and hugged her neck and listened to the last breath go out of her and watched her eyes gloss over, at that moment I could not understand why she had to die, she had just been eating peacefully a few minutes before. My father thought I was just being especially sensitive. A few years later, we went on a trip at an expensive deer lease when I was 11 and it was time for me to "shoot something of my own", and I couldn't do it. I purposefully shot and missed hoping the deer would run away before any of the other hunters could get to it. About a year later my sister and I saw a PETA video exposing the evils of the factory farming system and decided to go vegetarian. My parents were not thrilled. I lived off of vegetables and veggie burgers for years. When I was 15 I got a job and started buying my own groceries. I joined swim team that year and I started getting sick. My doctor and my mother blamed my vegetarianism so I was ordered to eat meat again for "strength". In reality, I was not educated enough in vegetarian nutrition, I hated most fruits and only ate a few veggies, and my parents were vastly unsupportive. For a few years I was an omnivore and I just put the animal cruelty out of my mind. I watched a YouTube video on Ellen Degeneres going vegan after watching Earthlings so I decided to watch it. It was mind-bending, shocking, raw, hard to watch. I decided that day, at 20 years old that I would be a vegan for the rest of my life. I studied endlessly on the nutrition and I have never felt healthier. Been a vegan for 6 months now :)


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