When was the moment you knew you were going to become vegetarian/vegan? (If you were raised vegetarian/vegan, maybe talk about the largest impact it has had on you).

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Became vegan after watching the documentary Food Inc. Seeing first hand the atrocities committed against the animals that we so casually eat with no clue of what we're putting on our plates and our children mouths. The cruelty alone was enough to make me not want to consume animal protein but the process in which they use to prepare food for market is even more appalling. Makes me wonder what we can consume. There's even findings of e-coli in vegetables and enough pesticide in fruit to make you wonder what's safe to consume. In a perfect world I'd grow my own fruits and veggies to know for sure what I'm putting in my children and my bodies. SCARED AND CONFUSED. Watch that or Fast food nation and maybe you can bring your loved one's to the other side. Dinner
will never be the same.

I tried to go vegetarian a few times in 2009-2011, gave up by March 2011.

2012, I wanted to try it, but was yet to find the moment to make it happen. Late that year, I grew sick of eating meat (as my family I was staying with ate more meat than my parents), joined a vegetarian page on Facebook and did my research before going vegetarian while staying with family (non-vegetarian).

This time (September 2012) I made sure I got it right and while my appetite and food intake increased, my body felt much better real quick. A month later I donated "veggie blood" and have done so a few times since and continue to enjoy being vegetarian since

I originally made the change to Vegetarian about 3 weeks ago to help with a lot of health problems regarding my bowels and intestines.. I did a lot of reading about how plant based diets can really help with digestion and thought I would give it a try. Coincidentally my girlfriend and I watched Vegucated which is all about having a vegan lifestyle and it showed how animals are treated .. something I never realized but after seeing the truth of how animals are being treated in factory farms I decided that living a vegetarian lifestyle was the best option for me! I think eventually I will go Vegan because I don't like eggs and I am lactose intolerant so cheese isn't really something I can have.

Truly the last three weeks I have felt better then ever before!


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