When was the moment you knew you were going to become vegetarian/vegan? (If you were raised vegetarian/vegan, maybe talk about the largest impact it has had on you).

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Congrats :)!! I admire your determination. Temptation comes differently to us all! I know you can do anything you put your mind to, obviously ;)!

I was raised eating meat- loving to eat meat- but also became interested in healthy foods. I had read enough about the meat industry to know it was gross, but truthfully- my habits and cravings were too strong to make my previous attempts at vegetarian eating last more than a month or two. It's true that if you stop eating meat for any length of time, your digestive system will let you know for the next few hours after eating it again. But eventually, it readjusts if you resume eating meat.

After several attempts at being vegetarian, I sort of abandoned it for awhile & in the meantime got into Buddhism (which does not require you to become vegetarian, but it does make sense to do it after reading up on the principles/ethics), and I also got more into meditation, and focusing on compassion. The concept that animals are equals- and not beneath us- was a powerful one for me. I love animals. I guess meditation somehow helped it 'click'?? Maybe it's a lot like hypnosis for people to quit smoking! LOL!

So one day (March 3, 2010 to be exact)- while I was at work & biting into my routine sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich- I suddenly felt absolutely sickened by it while eating it. My stomach was in revolt, and my preference/craving/addiction to meat-eating ended right then and there. It wasn't noticeably sour or spoiled- I just finally lost ALL interest in meat. I was really surprised to have such a immediate physical reaction to it & I threw the remaining half of the sandwich into the trash. From then on I was able to find all kinds of ways to eat vegetarian whether I was at home, in the cafeteria at work, or at a restaurant.

Now- I am working on eliminating dairy from my diet. I still have a powerful craving for cheese, etc., and I do eat eggs pretty often. I was wondering- has anyone here made that transition- from a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, to a mainly vegan one?

Congrats Helen on your inspiration to drop meat :) I was vegetarian for a month before going vegan- I can't help you on the cheese front; for whatever reason, I dropped it really easy. I used to lather it on EVERYTHING. I think it was like you, with your epiphany with the meat. I recommend Earthlings if you haven't seen it already! Congrats again xoxo

I just read through every single reply to this, its awesome to see how many people are actually awake to whats going on behind closed doors every single day, and so many people shut their minds off to it. Ive recently become vegan, it all happend very fast for me. I too, as many people in this group have commented, watched earthlings, food inc, vegucated &read skinny bitch (theres also a male version called skinny bastard for you males) not that it matters. Anyway, both my parents have been vegetarian/vegan for about a year now, so the supply has always been at home for me, and i used to complain because i didnt open my eyes and see what i was eating. so my mom would still buy meat for me( now being vegan i feel terrible she had to buy &cook the animals for me when she was so against it)
my mom has told me i didnt eat meat until i was 5 years old. up until then i would spit it out or not even touch it at all, apparently just didnt like the texture of it-even then i knew it was wrong. because as infants we have an instinct of whats right and wrong but perhaps grow out of it. the only thing i ever really ate was chicken and the occasional beef, never was a fan of any sort of pig meat, dont eat it and dont miss any of it. I think we need to start making serious changes in the world, and every meal counts. I wish more people would open their eyes and see the big picture, Im 19 now and I know I will never touch meat again. thanks for reading :)

First off, CONGRATS on going vegan :) It is all very inspirational, much agreed. And thank you also for sharing your story :)! "Every meal counts"- I can't agree with you more. Also, so jealous both of your parents are vegetarian, that's awesome.

I was 16. Was very involved in meditation, buddhism and taoism. My family members are meat eater, including distant family who own pig farms for slaughter. I remember when I was a kid for Christmas they killed a pig I saw the pig bleed, but even after he was supposed to die, the pig still screaming. The folklore in Puerto Rico back then taught us if someone was feeling guilt or pain for the slaughtering of an animal the animal won't die. They took my away while I was crying and so the pig died. Thru meditation I realize I couldn't be compassionate about all lives, If I keep eating animals that still suffered, the only different thing is I wasn't present at the moment of their death. I was eating a pork chop and the most disgusting thing happened, I pictured an alive pig in my plate and I was cutting the chop by myself, from that moment on I became vegetarian for 6 years. I dated a meat eating girl and she kept insisting me to eat meat and so I did and that got me very sick and gained a lot of weight. Past August I became vegetarian again, and after reading a lot about veganism, in January I became vegan.

For sure, Children know it is wrong...

I was litterally 5 years old.  I remember my mom telling me to eat my meat and i hated it.  It grossed me out.  We had a dog and I would eat all my veggies and feed him my meat under the table.  Then after a while i guess i got used to the taste and and ate it until I was a teen at which time I went veg.  After my doctor said I should eat meat if I want to to compete at a higher level athletically, i started to eat meat again.  Then I just could not ethically do it anymore and my wife was veg which made it easier.  Now Being a vegan, took a while.  I knew I could not do it anymore when I saw the reaction of a young calf when being taken away from his mother...I knew I would not eat meat, dairy or eggs ever again...


5???? Really? That's very impressive. Congrats on going vegan- and am very sorry you had to watch that :( Definitely a life changing experience.

Thank you for reading... : )

No problem :) Thanks for sharing!

He is such a wonderful speaker <3


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