Where do you draw the line on animals for food?

How do you come to that decision?

A pig is as smart as a dog, compared to a 3 year child for that matter in some instances. If I was going on aesthetic value a dog would seem more appealing to me than a muddy ole pig (no offence piggy's) If a dog tasted like pork?....China eats them by the tons, which I find disgusting and hard to imagine.Yet we sit down to-factory farmed animals (pork,bacon,ham,chicken,lamb,beef,etc) without a second thought as to the horror that meal has been through.

Conditions similar to filthy puppy mills,then,transported in crates and cramped semi-trailers to be slaughtered in front of one another. Obama has just okayed slaughterhouses for horses for human consumption,outrage,but these slaughterhouses have always operated for other animals,which we turn a blind eye to.

Many animals are sentient,they are aware that they are going to die.

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