I would like to know which herbs, fruits or vegetables do you don't like to eat by taste or smell? And if you want tell us why....

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egg plant is very bad in looking and with potato in curry it is really gross. 

I'm not a huge fan of bananas. Partly the texture and partly the taste. Other than that, I can't really say anything pops to mind. I'm not a fussy eater (well...other than the fact that I am vegan and also try to avoid palm oil)

canned peas are icky....but I like them if they are frozen? Peaches are gross and so are most canned mushrooms unless cooked in something but I like fresh mushrooms...I think tomatoes have a bad taste from most stores unless in season but if its in season then I just eat it out of a garden

What I cannot eat, canned or fresh, are beetroot and salsify.I really hate the "earthy" taste! I am not crazy about canned vegetables in general. Not exactly on top of my list of favourite foods are Brussels sprouts. I eat them if someone cooks them for me but I would never prepare them myself. 

I try to avoid palm oil because plantations are responsible for the deforestation of the rain forest.

The bitter dark leafy greens im not a huge fan of. But, i eat them as they have so many benefits.


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