I am vegan now. Which step have you reached?

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You and me both Humberto! Good luck :)!

I'm going to try reading some literature on it this winter, I'll share anything I come across! Hit me up likewise :)! We gots this!

I'm vegan :D!! LOVE this picture, haha. 

me too!!! 

gosh looking at this pic takes me back about a year...I never thought i would become vegan and now I am and LOVING IT!! I have a whole new perspective of life in general...and am much happier. So yes I too am the little green dude jumping up saying "I'm vegan!".  

Same here, never envisioned being vegan. Seemed like a goal so far away: "someday". Someday came faster and easier than  I knew, haha.

Congrats :) SO inspired to see all the vegans on this post! We're changing the world xoxo

I'll be personally honest.And,I am not one to lie about to much at all.I am at"I  WON'T DO IT".I won't say ,"I WILL NEVER DO IT".Who knows?I take things at my own pace and not others, it's just me and who I am.I can not be no more then just ME.

Everyone has their own journey Jenii :)! You are a very smart, compassionate person, trust where your heart leads you. xoxo

Jenii, I've been vegan for one year, and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I absolutely love it!! I would never go back to a western-style diet...no way! For me, it's been completely life-changing. And after having lived through both worlds, I can honestly say that there really is truth to the statement "you are what you eat." Food truly affects us in the most profound way, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.

When I consumed animal fat, I had such horrible mood swings; I always felt anxious, fearful and full of worry. Since becoming vegan, I am much more relaxed, even-keeled and positive. It's just been amazing. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. But I would caution you to take baby steps rather than diving in fully. That way, you won't set yourself up for failure! Good luck!

I fully sympathise with your statement,becoming Vegan costs much more than it should,i know omnivores that gag at the extra cash they would have to spend to attempt a cruelty free lifestyle, much more should be done to bring the price down if omnivores are  ever to change on the numbers required to really make a huge difference to Animal Rights.

I wish you luck Cari :)!!!


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