I am vegan now. Which step have you reached?

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I don't see a step which is labelled for me!  ha ha 

So may I create my own step?  I am at the place of I might do it.  I actually did it years ago for about one month or a bit shorter.  I collapsed because I realized how addicted to the taste of cheese and milk I was.  At the time I was in Oregon where we can buy organic farm fresh raw milk and rennetless cheese.  So my dairy consumption was not related to the conventional dairy industry much.  However, the milk came from Mennonite farmers, and I don't know what their practice is for when the cow grows old.  Also I don't know the source of the cheese, but it was rennetless anyway.

I don't think economics is a factor for me because I tend to cook everything I eat not buy packaged products because I like to reduce my connection to any type of industry that causes environmental harm.  I guess I would just have to try it and see if I like it and then my connection to any harm done to cows in this lifetime will be severed.  I will see if it is possible.

I'm at "I want to do it". It's hard for me right now, but I'm trying to lessen my intake of dairy. That's my main problem. I know there's other chocolate out there with no dairy, and vegan cheesecakes, but I seriously have a big, big, BIG addiction to chocolate. When I see it, I can't stop. I'm trying to control myself, but it's a big addiction. 

Chocolate is a hard one!  I haven't been able to do it yet either.  I'm ad admitted "chocoholic".   I'll keep working at it, and day by day, I'll get there.

I have always love chocolate a lot, it's very difficult to find a chocolate without milk here. Since I turn vegan, I only eat chocolate once, I bought it in a vegan bazaar. I never see any vegan chocolate again till today. 

For all you chocolate lovers out there, there is a bean called the carob bean which tastes just like chocolate. In any event,our bodies crave what we eat. I have given up sugar as well as becoming a vegetarian[ I will transition to Vegan in the spring but first needs lots of dairy to help my bones after a decade of drinking  diet coke which has depleted my calcium levels].

I rarely crave sugar unless I inadvertently eat it[that poison's in everything],and I used to eat chocolate daily! Now I hardly ever eat it and when I did recently I felt ill from the sugar and other chemicals.

Got to the top step and realized that its an escalator.

I want to do it. D:

:)! I wish you luck xoxo You CAN do it ;)!!

I'm probably at a the " I'm trying" to " I can" stage.  As others have said, its cheese that I haven't been able to give up completely.   I dont' each much, but just can't seem to give it up yet!   Milk was easy, as I love almond milk!

I am Vegan


I am between the "I can´t do it" and the "I want to do it" stage. I try to stop eating eggs and drinking milk ( oatmilk is a tasty alternative) but at the moment it´s hard to achieve more than that if you still live with your parents. -.- My mother accepts to be vegetarian but drinking no milk and being vegan is just illogical for her. ( ...Sorry for the mistakes, hope it´s not too bad :/)


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