I am vegan now. Which step have you reached?

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Just say the facts about milk and eggs. The horror for animals and that it´s weakening the body. You don´t need those things!

Yeah, I already tried so but it didn´t work out. It´s hard to understand for someone who doesn´t really want to change his lifestyle towards eating less meat..

I know exactly what you mean! But you can´t be forced to eat it right?! Anyway good luck.

No they can´t force me to do so, but my mum won´t buy vegan food for me and pay every time attention to that it is really vegan, too much effort and it´s really expensive, too... but anyway thanks and when i´m ready with school i´ll move out and try living vegan :)

Good luck. Be peace with you.

I'm vegan!

Vegan FTW! WOOO ;)!

Those of you that were looking for raw food recipes here's one and it looks amazing!! I might try it myself!


Further then vegan!

What's breatherian?

Meateater till early 30's. Realised the error of my ways about 2-3 years ago and went veggie.  I actually went Veggie by accident though.  I wanted to do it but never seemed to get round to it.  I went on a diet though and after a week realised I hadn't eaten any meat for a week without even trying.  I decided at that point that if I can give up meat for a week by accident I can do it alot longer on purpose.  Was Veggie ever since.  Since then I have never quite got around to going Vegan and have been at various points on this stairway until 3 weeks ago I finally gave myself the final kick up my own backside and said that instead of going Vegan I would simply try it for a week.  After a week I said to myself If I can do a week then I can do 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks I said to myself if I can do 2 weeks I can do 4 weeks.  I am currently 3 weeks in and about this time next week I will be saying I can do another month.  At some point I will stop counting :P  Was my little trick not to put as much pressure on myself and it seems to be working so far!

I'm at "How do I do it" stage.

Firstly, it is impractical to avoid eggs and diary COMPLETELY in college. I will trouble the cook and my friends.

Secondly, dry staples such as biscuits that are widely available and affordable usually contain some milk.

Hopefully I can go vegan eventually though. :)


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