I am vegan now. Which step have you reached?

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I'm vegan. Rushed to the top in one easy leap. It's not that hard. 

Vegan is not the last stand! It's just in between. After that you don't eat fake sugars, tinned food, chemicals and more!

I was a vegan for 1 year and now I'm a vegetarian again because I started eating cheese and fish occasionaly :/ I'm lost.....

I guess I'm in the "I can do it" step.... I'm a bad person.

I am at I'll try to do it! Been vegetarian for about 6 months now! Time to keep moving forward!
I was vegan.. For a bit by its too expensive.. I've been vegetarian for 3months now.. I stay away from dairy .. But I'm finding it hard.. May have to do the raw food diet thing again.. And get back into juicing..

This is one thing ill never understand.. Why are fatty unhealthy foods that are bad for your health soooo cheap.. But when it comes to healthy fresh organic food.. The prices are over the roof :(

It's all on MASS PRODUCTION. More demand=more produce=reduced cost for production because one can mass-produce and produce at teeny amounts for the same amount of time and money. People support the fatty and unhealthy foods, plus they are usually supported by huge corporates, hence they are cheap. The same will happen if people an see the light and support the industries dedicated to healthy food instead. It lies in our awareness.

P/S: Leah, I agree that healthy food is expensive too! However, hopefully it is not expensive for our bodies. :)

I'm vegan, and trying to eat as much raw, whole fruits & veggies as possible. Living in Northern Norway there's not always much fresh food avalible, and the prices are insane, but it's worth it :)

As a nutrition counseler I think this would be a great motivational graphic/tool for many nutritional goals!! LOVE IT!!

Vegetarian eating no animal products but Im 15 and my family has got leather couches etc so cant call myself Vegan yet.

Caitlin, diet-wise, you're vegan. Try your best and good luck! Do what you can.

P/S: I'm a vegetarian too. I doubt if I can be vegan because milk solids can be found in the vast majority of foods on the shelves in my country (bread, beverages, biscuits etc.)


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