If there would be one religion to choose , what would it be? For me i guess buddhism. It's maybe the one religion which is not hypocritical.

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Same here because in a manner of speaking I wouldn't be worshiping a god but merely following in the footsteps of an enlightened being. 

Buddhism. Starting to read Buddhism book. I like Ajahn Brahm.

I agree Buddhism ...although i wouldnt see it as a religion but rather a philosophy ...a way of life.

I am a humanist/atheist with strong buddhist leanings. I have attended Unitarian Universalist churches and enjoy them best when there is a strong Buddhist element.

Nope! The Dali Lama is not Vegan. Peace and non-violence starts on ones plate and ends with George W.
Bush behind bars serving a life sentence for every man, woman, and child, he is guilty of killing.


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